Kamal Abdulla's poems in German, French, English and Spanish.

05 april, 2024

A book of poems by the national writer Kamal Abdulla "You will hardly find what you are looking for", translated into various foreign languages, has been published.

The book contains German, French, English and Spanish translations of poems written by Kamal Abdulla in different years. The poems were translated into German by Yusif Savalan, into French by Matanat Akhmedova, into English by Vagif Gamber and Fiala Abdullaeva, and into Spanish by Huseynaga Aygünlu. Compiler - Yusif Savalan, reviewer - Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Shahin Khalili, editor - Associate Professor Fiala Abdullaeva. The book was published by the publishing house "Science and Education".

In the section "From the compilers" of the new edition it is written: "Kamal Abdulla is a scientist, writer, playwright, distinguished by unforgettable merits in Azerbaijani linguistics, literary studies, drama and prose. His poetic experience, poems and songs, also touch the strings of readers' hearts. These poems, translated into the languages of the peoples of the world, show that he is also a wonderful poet".