Agreement was signed between AUL and the Chechen State Pedagogical University

13 april, 2023

On April 5 at the Azerbaijan University of Languages a meeting with representatives of the Chechen State Pedagogical University was held.

AUL Rector, Academician Kamal Abdulla, welcomed the guests and expressed his pleasure to see them at the university. It was noted that a number of important steps are being taken to establish and develop scientific cooperation. Talking of the importance of the meeting the rector informed the guests of the language and cultural centers functioning at the university: "I think necessary measures will be taken in the direction of mutual scientific cooperation. This cooperation will open new perspectives for both universities, both scientifically and practically. That's why I invite you to get acquainted with linguistic and cultural centers operating in our university.''

Representatives of Chechen State Pedagogical University, Tamara Avtaeva, Vice Rector for Science and International Cooperation, and Raisa Buralova, head of the Russian Language Department, expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome and kind words.

It was noted that a number of joint projects between universities are planned. These projects will provide opportunities and new platforms for scientific cooperation. At the meeting the importance of multiculturalism policy was discussed and proposals such as opening language and cultural centers were made.

Later, an agreement was signed between AUL  and the Chechen State Pedagogical University.