Azerbaijan University of Languages hosts ''Educational Conference on International Cooperation''

25 april, 2022

Azerbaijan University of Languages hosts ''Educational Conference on International Cooperation''


On April 25, "Educational Conference on International Cooperation" was held in the framework of cooperation between Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) and Center for Educational Research and Development.

Professors and lecturers from Portugal, Uruguay, Norway, Israel and Kyrgyzstan, alumni of California State University, USA also took part in the conference.

 Prior to the conference, Rector of AUl, Academician Kamal Abdulla, met with the foreign guests.

The theme of the conference was ''Unification, Restructuring and Restoration of Lessons, Access, Equity and Inclusion in Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Classrooms''.

Ms Sayana Baghirova, Head of Quality Assurance and Monitoring Department at AUL and Conference moderator, mentioned that certain difficulties are inevitable as globalisation processes continue apace and technological advances permeate our lives.

One of the main goals of Azerbaijani educators is to prepare future leaders by integrating them into the global education system.

This conference supports professional development of teachers and educators. She said the Azerbaijan University of Languages is also working closely with a number of prestigious universities to ensure professional development of teachers and integration of students into the global education system.

The conference will include academic discussions with teachers from around the world to improve the quality of teaching in the post-pandemic period and further enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers to meet the requirements of the 21st century.

In his opening remarks, Rector Kamal Abdulla expressed his satisfaction with the organisation of the conference at AUL. He said that the theme of the conference was very relevant.

During the pandemic, as in all spheres, a number of challenges arose in the field of education.

Everyone was aware of the need to make effective use of new opportunities and existing conditions to overcome these problems.

He noted that the conference was attended by foreign teachers who are committed to and living true multicultural values.

Kamal Abdulla said thanks to a comprehensive development strategy established by national leader Heydar Aliyev and successfully implemented under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan has become one of the global political and economic powers and has a voice in the international arena. He said Azerbaijan is one of main initiators and participants of the projects.

According to him, education in post-pandemic period will be discussed at the conference.

Issues to be considered include: "Will pandemic-affected education systems be able to return to their pre-pandemic status?", "What innovations has the pandemic brought us?".

Noting the importance of preparing the scientific basis for the new development goals, the rector expressed confidence that the discussions and partnerships that would take place during the conference would play an important role in the further scientific development of students and teachers.

Kamal Abdulla said a foundation for cooperation between Azerbaijan University of Languages and The foundation is being laid for cooperation between the Azerbaijan University of Languages and the US State University of California is being laid.

Thus, cooperation agreement will be signed between the universities as a result of the conference.

As a result of this cooperation, lecturers and students of AUL will have an opportunity to conduct scientific experiments at California State University, take part in special scientific programs meeting modern needs, enrich their knowledge.

Advisor to the Minister of Education Nijat Mammadli stressed the importance of holding such a conference during the pandemic's aftermath

He said the pandemic posed great challenges to the education system.

The pandemic period has exacerbated gaps and problems in the education system and demonstrated equity and inclusiveness in education. Education must be accessible to all. If one person does not receive education, society as a whole suffers.

As soon as the pandemic started, the Ministry of Education launched tele-lessons and learning was organised through e-platforms.

Tele-lessons in 12 subjects were prepared in 11 classes in two language sections.

Richard Pinkham, Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Azerbaijan, Professor Charles Zartman, Director of the Multicultural Studies Center at California State University, and Professor Maris Thompson, Humanities Coordinator, spoke about the importance of the conference.

It was noted that the issues addressed at the conference and the proposals made would help the work on education in the post-pandemic period.

Then Professor Maris Thompson delivered a lecture and the conference continued with further discussions.  On the second day of the conference, April 26, Bethany Pinegar, Head of International Affairs at California State University, will present the general progress of the conference, followed by a lecture by Professor Charles Zartman, and a discussion. Bethany Pinegar will also meet with the students. In addition, Professors Charles Zartman and Maris Thompson will hold a discussion with students on the topic of «The role of education».