Presentation of the book "Scientific-Philosophical and Socio-Publicistic Origins of Azerbaijani Multiculturalism" was held

10 march, 2022

On March 10 the presentation of the book "Scientific-philosophical and socio-public sources of Azerbaijani multiculturalism" took place at the Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Director of the AUL Centre of Multiculturalism Logman Rashidzade spoke about the importance of the event and familiarized guests with the published book.

AUL Rector Kamal Abdulla,  academician, author of the idea and scientific editor of the book, welcomed the participants and said he was glad to see them at the university.

  It was noted that the book 'Scientific-Philosophical and Socio-Publicistic Origins of Azerbaijani Multiculturalism' is of great importance and topicality.

  The book reflects multicultural values of the contemporary world, cultural diversity of Azerbaijan, formation of 'Azerbaijanism' ideology, culture, language, beliefs, literature and philosophical thoughts of peoples: 'The book presented is the first in Azerbaijan and in the world on scientific-philosophical and socio-public sources of Azerbaijan's multiculturalism'. Talking of the importance of the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism, the rector said there have been some profound scientific and philosophical studies carried out on a number of topics. "As a victorious nation we must show the world what kind of culture the victorious nation has. It should be reflected in our work in all directions. As President Ilham Aliyev said, multiculturalism is the state policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  We must bring this movement and process to the world, which is one of the directions of our state policy.

Everyone should know how rich the Azerbaijani people is, how multiculturalism is alive in its soul and blood, and how the movement of multiculturalism, founded by our great leader, still unites different generations, groups, confessions and national communities in Azerbaijan. As our great leader said: the strength of all peoples living in Azerbaijan becomes the strength of Azerbaijan as a whole.''

Kamal Abdulla noted that the subject of Azerbaijani multiculturalism is taught in a number of countries in Europe and the East.

Executive director of the Baku International Centre for Multiculturalism Revan Hasanov noted that multiculturalism is a state policy and a way of life in Azerbaijan.

According to him, Azerbaijan is an example for the whole world with its multicultural and tolerant way of life.

"The policy of tolerance pursued by the Azerbaijani state creates basis for further strengthening of friendship and brotherhood between ethnic and religious communities living in our country. All this is the result of the successful continuation of the policy laid down by the national leader Heydar Aliyev. Our main goal is to ensure tolerance and protection of cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, in accordance with the Azerbaijani ideology, as well as to show Azerbaijan as a centre of multiculturalism in the world, to study and demonstrate existing models of multiculturalism," Hasanov said.

Ilham Mammadzade, director of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of ANAS, doctor of philosophy, co-author of the book, thanked academician Kamal Abdulla , the author of the book idea, and other co-authors.

  It was noted the book is a product of scientific-philosophical research and hard work for many years. "Everyone showed his knowledge and skills in this book.

The book is distinguished by its design, broad scientific research, clear reflection of scientific and philosophical ideas of different periods.

  Tolerance is undoubtedly related to multiculturalism and the need to participate in the processes of intercultural interaction".

Rector of the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy in Theology, co-author of the book Agil Shirinov shared his impressions of the book: "Today Azerbaijan was able to convey its truth to the world.  Azerbaijani multiculturalism is a good example for all peoples and countries of the world.  I consider scientific, philosophical and religious studies in the book is of special importance for its topicality and importance.  The lives and activities of philosophers and scientists who lived from ancient times to the present day are reflected in detail".

Doctor of philosophy, co-author of the book Sakit Huseynov thanked all those who contributed to the preparation of the book and talked of the importance of the steps taken. 

It was noted the book contains a number of issues aimed at promotion of multicultural values, coexistence, peace and welfare of nations in the modern world.

The co-authors of the book Ahmed Gasamoglu, Ali Farkhadov and Rashad Ilyasov expressed their views on the book.

It was noted that the book is a great contribution to multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.

The event continued with discussions.