Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​hosts Graduation Day

12 july, 2021

Graduation Day was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) on July 8. Prior to the event, AUL Rector, People's Writer, Academician Kamal Abdullah met with ambassadors and representatives of foreign embassies in Azerbaijan. The rector informed the guests in detail about the specialties and international relations of the university. He noted that English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean and other languages are taught at the University. Today, graduates of the University of Languages work in many schools of Azerbaijan. Since the University has a faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies, its graduates are working at a number of organizations and international companies.

The Rector added that AUL has established ties with various countries through international programs. These ties include universities in the USA, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, China etc.

The event started with the singing of the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. A tribute was paid to the memory of the martyrs. The students performed the International Student Anthem "Gaudeamus".

Kamal Abdullah congratulated the students on graduation and wished them success in their future life, "I am sure the university will miss the students and you will miss the university. Congratulations to every one of our graduates. May your life path be open and successful. I trust that you will always remember this day. This year was very successful for our country. Azerbaijan has gained a victory, integrity of its native lands has been restored. At the same time, Azerbaijan has established truth and justice. My advice to all graduates is: always be close to truth, act with love and from heart. As a result of successful political steps, taken by the President of Azerbaijan, and dedication of the Azerbaijani army, we are living happy days today. But it is a great responsibility to be a victorious nation. We have to show the world the culture of being a nation. For this we should always have compassion in our hearts. What we cannot equate with ourselves, we must not equate with someone else. We should be able to look at all the peoples of the world with the same eye. We should be able to love everyone, regardless of religion or race. This was bequeathed to us by our Multicultural ancestors. I embrace you all and offer my heartfelt congratulations. I wish you conquering new horizons. I believe that each of us will do our best for the happy future of Azerbaijan, for the prosperity of our Motherland, for the further development of the Azerbaijan Languages University. Good luck to every one of you!".

Ambassador of Russia to our country Mikhail Bocharnikov, Ambassador of Japan to our country Vada Kunichi, British Ambassador to our country James Sharp, Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan Doron Peer, Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan to our country Moazzam Ali Sahito, Argentine Ambassador to our country Sergio Osvaldo Perez, Counselor of Education and Culture to our country Richard Pinkman, Deputy Ambassador of India to our country Sudej Sinha, Ambassador of Hungary to our country Victor Cederkeni, Consul General of Germany to our country Jiil Sahibov and others participated in the event.

The guests spoke about  AUL success , achieved in recent years, its broad international ties, the high level of knowledge of its graduates, and praised the activities of the institution.

Artistic compositions performed by students of the university were presented at the event.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, public figures, teachers and parents.