The "Little Guru" application for learning Sanskrit has been introduced

23 may, 2021

As part of the cooperation between the Embassy of India in our country and the Azerbaijan University of Languages, an online event was organised to present a new Sanskrit learning application called 'Little Guru'.

"Little Guru is the world's first game-based Sanskrit learning application developed by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations in partnership with GamappSportswizz technologies. On April 9, 2021, the Cultural Relations Board of India formally launched the application to the world.  Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages of the world. Its grammatical structure is highly developed and appears to be the most advanced programmable computer language.

Opening the event, Bavitlung Vanlalvanna, Ambassador of India to Azerbaijan, provided an overview of the importance of Sanskrit and its role in fostering cultural relations between different countries. He emphasised the importance of cooperation between Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Embassy of India in the field of language development and establishing cultural relations between the two countries.

In her speech, Vice-rector of Azerbaijan Languages University Jale Garibova revealed details of close relations with the Embassy of India in our country as well as agreements on promotion of language knowledge in Azerbaijan. She also spoke about the importance of the Hindi Language Centre, established by the Indian Embassy at the university to teach Hindi. The Head of the Culture Department of the Embassy of India made a short presentation on the 'Little Guru' application and how to use it.

Little Guru is a subscription based application. The first few lessons are free, and the subscription only kicks in when users progress further. To download the app from Google Play use the link - and to download from the App Store -