AUL against Armenian provocations: Successful activity of the Information Centre

11 november, 2020

The Operation Centre, purposed to raise world public awareness of the Armenian provocations and terror, has been established at the Azerbaijan University of Languages. University’s centres, institutes, research laboratories and other AUL structures’ employees, as well as students, masters and doctoral students, address letters, describing Armenia’s policy of aggression against Azerbaijan and terrorist acts, committed by Armenian armed forces against our civilians, to the heads of states and various international organizations, media and scientists.

According to Public Relations Department,  the project is being implemented in cooperation with Baku International Center for Multiculturalism.

The answers to those letters are already coming. The authors of the letters support the just position of Azerbaijan and the territorial integrity of our country.

One of the letters was  written by Adil Almadhi, a professor at Ibn Zohr University in Morocco.  In his letter he spoke about his visit to Azerbaijan in 2019 and a good impression of our country: “My Azerbaijani brothers, I always remember my visit to your beautiful, hospitable country in May last year with the best feelings. At present, I am aware of the war there. I am following the situation with great concern. I wish my Azerbaijani brothers and sisters victory in the cause of justice, God's mercy to those who died, and speedy recovery to the wounded. "

Professor of Adygeya State University (Georgia)  Zuriet Jade  also sent a letter of support to the university: “First of all, I would like to say that international law is with my Azerbaijani brothers. The law on the inviolability of the territorial integrity of countries is enshrined in both the UN Charter and various conventions. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is the longest-running conflict in the post-Soviet space for 30 years, and a solution to the conflict is possible only when Azerbaijan's territorial integrity is fully restored.”

Abdul Qadir Khan  , Associate Professor of the English Department of Jammu and Kashmir University of India  , wrote that he was always ready to continue to support the people of Azerbaijan.

Yaron London, an Israeli journalist, also wrote that he was aware of the military operations launched by Azerbaijan to restore its territorial integrity and closely followed the process: “I am сlosely following what is happening in your country, I have studied the history of the conflict and I am sure you are right. Part of the blame stems from the policies of other states interested in a permanent conflict in your region. I envy the secular Constitution of Azerbaijan. "

Professor Haris Chand of Kathmandu University in Nepal Haris Chand , wrote that he was deeply shocked  by the killings of civilians in Ganja, Barda and Tartar: “These are crimes against humanity. Where is the justice of the world community, UN resolutions and those who implement them? ”

The above-mentioned positions and opinions are repeated in other reply letters sent to the university.

It should be noted that more than 1,000 letters have been sent from the Information Centre, established by the staff and students of the Azerbaijan University of Languages. The total number of letters, sent from AUL is more than 2300. Letters are in English, Russian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Serbian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Arabic and other languages.