The Next Promotional Event of the Union of Collaborators with Foreign Education

13 february, 2018
Promotional events of the Union of Collaborators with Foreign Education of Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(AUL) continue. On February 13, the next event was held for the staff of the Faculties of International Relations and Administration, and Philology and Journalism. Speaking about the establishment of the Union of Collaborators with Foreign Education the chairman of the Union Latifa Gurbanova mentioned that the Union had been formed on the initiative of Rector of AUL, Full Member of the ANAS, Honored Scientist Kamal Abdulla, and dwelt on the reasons and goals of the Union. By attracting collaborators with foreign education L.Gurbanova especially emphasized the importance of taking advantage of their knowledge and skills, as well as keeping the atmosphere of the world's largest universities at AUL. Later, she shared her views with the participants on cooperation within the Union and the establishment of international cooperation. Head of the Department of International Relations of AUL Nigar Sultanova spoke about the activity directions of her department. She said that the main functions of the Department are: to work with foreigners, exchange and scholarship programs language and culture centers, as well as, the activity of the club "Ambassadorial Hour", established on the initiative of Rector K.Abdulla. Speaking about many language ​​and culture centers functioning at AUL, N.Sultanova added that Centers of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture were also opened adequately in these countries. The event was followed by general information on the rules of applying to the Korean state scholarship program, registration period and the required documents. The roundtable ended with discussions. It should be noted that the Union of Collaborators with Foreign Education was established on November 28, 2017 by the Academic Council of the University on the proposal of Rector of AUL, Full Member of the ANAS, Honored Scientist K.Abdulla. The main purpose of the Union is to establish close relations between collaborators working different positions at  AUL, to promote and ensure the exchange of Union and experience among them, and to create conditions for the students of AUL to benefit from the knowledge and skills of their colleagues on various specialties, to promote the values ​​of multiculturalism. The subject of the Union's activity is to support new employees, to establish a network of collaborators among foreign University graduates, to direct this activity towards the interests of the country and the university, and so on.