"Our independence is eternal"

21 october, 2019

Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Teaching Methodology Raya Hasanova, Konul Farajbeyli, Ilhama Isgandarova and Tahmina Aliyeva organized a roundtable on "Our independence is eternal" at the Faculty of Philology. Head of the Department Assoc. Amrali Shiraliyev noted that on October 18, 1991 the Legislative Assembly of the Republic adopted the Constitutional Act on the State Independence of Azerbaijan. However, this success came after some very difficult struggles and lengthy discussions.

The teacher of the department Ilhama Iskandarova spoke about the 5,000-year history of the Azerbaijan State, the existence of the Shirvanshahlar, the Eldiguzids, the Aggoyunlar, the Garagoyunlular and the Safavid. Later the event was continued by the head teacher of the department Konul Farajbeyli. She noted that over the years, history has proven to us that protecting the years of independence is more difficult than winning it. The students then spoke about the founders of the first Democratic  Rrepublic in the Islamic world in 1918 and their activities.

Finally, the students showed presentations about the founder of modern Azerbaijan, Great Leader Heydar Aliyev. The poetry of the 4th year student "Azerbaijan Azerbaijan" made the event more colorful.