Deputy Malahat Ibrahimgizi met with AUL teachers and students

12 october, 2019

A regular meeting of “Yeni Azerbaijan”party member, Nasimi district branch representative, Milli Mejlis Deputy Malahat Ibrahimgizi with AUL students and teaching staff was held on 8 October at Azerbaijan University of Languages. After welcoming the guest, AUL Rector, Academician Kamal Abdullayev , mentioned, that these meetings have become frequent and regular and were of great significance.

Speaking on AUL events and innovations, taking place against the background of our state positive transformations, AUL Rector said:-

“Historical truth about Azerbaijan is now known by the whole world. Mr President never hides our state principles of just and independent policy as well as Azerbaijan’s position in Karabakh conflict.

Under the leadership of our President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijani people reaches new heights, makes progress in different fields to guarantee a better future for our Republic.

All these achievements both within and beyond Azerbaijan territory, have been the result of Ilham Aliyev ‘s wise policies, based on the ideas of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev.

Azerbaijan is widely known by its constant development, progress and stability. Despite all the circumstances around, Azerbaijan will always follow its own path. Undoubtedly, all these achievements allow realizing the goals identified.  The far-sighted policy and constructive attitude of President Ilham Aliyev will promote our country’s further progress.”

“Yeni Azerbaijan”party member, Nasimi district branch representative, Milli Mejlis Deputy Malahat Ibrahimgizi thanked Rector for the invitation, saying how much she appreciated being a participant of such meetings:-“Due to its independent policy, modern Azerbaijan has become persistently developing prosperous country, respected by the entire world.  These progressive changes foundation had been laid by our National Leader Heydar Aliyev, and this political course is successfully carried on by our President Ilham Aliyev. Azerbaijan’s permanent progress is being made possible owing to this consistent approach.

“Yeni Azerbaijan”party, founded by our National Leader Heydar Aliyev and headed by the President Ilham Aliyev makes a great contribution into our country’s social-political life development.

Basically, YAP follows our National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s ideas. ‘Yeni Azerbaijan” party takes a leading role in promoting and implementing President’s policies.

Some denounced for the actions, contradicting national interests, persons, started supporting anti-Azerbaijani campaign abroad by spreading disinformation and defamation through social networks. Nevertheless, Azerbaijani people, conscious of their real intentions to mask worthlessness by organizing antinational acts, never support them. Antinational campaigns always fail as the result of the political stability, Government and people unity, and rapid development of Azerbaijan.

Under the leadership of our President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan has become a leading state of the region; comprehensive development strategy with particular emphasis on industrial modernization has transformed the country; social protection of the population has been strengthened. All those changes have radically and positively increased the country’s economic power.

Each Azerbaijani citizen highly appreciates these transformations. This increased their trust in President’s policy and Governmental activity.

That is the reason why anti-Azerbaijani actions always meet stiff resistance among Azerbaijani citizens.”

Standing united behind President, supporting his political activity and taking active part in country’s social life were emphasized as the students’ mission. At the meeting it was also pointed out, that skills and talents of the young generation were to be applied to contribute to a bright future of Azerbaijan.

The final part of the event was devoted to the students’ questions answering.