Azerbaijan Language University is preparing to hold the Republican Scientific Conference called “Nasimi and Renaissance”

30 august, 2019

Articles for Nasimi”s 650 anniversary dedicated scientific conference, which would be held on October 11, are still being received at the Azerbaijan Language University. Reports would be presented according to the following items as “Nasimi and modernists”, Nasimi and humanistic ideas”, “Nasimi and hurufism”. Articles should be original and responding to the theme of the conference. Please take into account to send them to the e-mail address [email protected] Requirements for Report preparation:
  • Author’s (authors’) name, surname, patronymic name- 12pt, in dark colours, on the right side of the top of the page
  • Name of the institution-12 pt, dark coloured
  • Report title written in the centre, font size- 12 pt, in dark colours
  • Length of the report -5-7 pages (including the list of literature), A4 format; pages should be numbered
  • Key words (3-5 words in the language of the report), dark coloured
  • Report is printed using Times New Romance only, 12pt
  • Side of the page borders: above the text-3.0cm; from below, on the right and on the left-2.0 cm
  • Line spacing-1.5 cm
  • Reference to literature: sources are displayed in square brackets;
literature list is compiled in the alphabet order