“Silk Road: Between Central Asia and China” conference was held at AUL

27 june, 2019

On June 22 the opening ceremony of the 3-rd “Silk Road: between Central Asia and China” conference was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). The event was organized both by Central Asian Studies Department of Indiana University and the History Department of the Beijing University with the support of Tang Research Centre. Rector, People’s writer Kamal Abdullayev noted In his welcome speech that he’s happy to hold these meetings in friendly and sincere atmosphere of the Language University:-“Our University is a popular and comfortable place for such meeting in friendly atmosphere. We’re pleased with the chance our University personnel got to meet with US and Chinese universities’ prominent scientists and academic staff. And it’s hard to find more topical issue, than China originated Silk Road research. Silk Road was not only the trade route; it has always represented means of cultural exchange.” Conference on the Silk Road library was held between AUL and Belgrade University, and we can point out many grey areas concealed there, that is a big field of research for the years to come. I think that today the joint Silk Road research activities of Indiana and China universities would mark the beginning of close friendly relations. And I am happy to note this cooperation starting here, at our University in Azerbaijan. Just like chemical reaction, the cooperation would be constantly broadened, with other universities to be involved soon after. We’re always here to help. Our University‘s participation in covering this subject would also be useful for our staff. Nowadays Azerbaijani literature, history, mentality, past and future perspectives are the subjects to be actively explored by the society. The studies are carried out by both Azerbaijani and world class scientists of other counties and such conferences thus make scientists’ dedicated work to get known throughout the world. I would like you to enjoy your staying in Azerbaijan. I hope for the further enhancing of these 2 universities’ cooperation, and for Azerbaijani scientists being involved. We want our country to become fast growing state, with all nations living in peace and prosperity. I believe that Chinese and American progressive forces will be able to objectively appreciate Azerbaijan historical truth. I’m happy to welcome you at our University. I wish peace, well-being and prosperity to Azerbaijan and to all the countries of the world.” Then the Head of the Central Asian Research Department of Indiana University Jamshid Choksy spoke of the Conference purpose. He mentioned the previous Conferences, which had earlier taken place at Beijing University (2017) and at Indiana University (2018). Choksy expressed his appreciation for this Conference being held here in Azerbaijan, at the Language University. He thanked AUL Administration for their support and the enabling environment and the others who contributed to the Conference organization’s activities. Indiana University Professor, “Turkish Flagship” Program Director Kamal Silay, Vice-Dean of Beijing University History Chair Zan Tao noted to be honored to cooperate with AUL, one of the leading universities, and thanked everyone involved in the Conference organization here in Baku. The conference was followed by breakout sessions. Beijing University Professor Lee Bojoing with his speech “Recourse to Ricthophen: rethinking the Silk Road”, Fan Jingjing  - “Avadana from India to China: the literary genre transformation”, Luo Xin-“ The Wood Poles in the Heaven Worship ceremonies  of Northern Wei Dynasty”, Kemal SILAY (Indiana University)- “China’s Silk Road nowadays and Its Cultural and Political Manifestations for the Republic of Turkey”, Gardner BOVINGDON (Indiana University)- “Almaty in View of Baku: Comparative Perception of Central Asia cities”, LI Xiao (Renmin University)- “East and West Cultural Exchange: Seeing from the Archaeological Discoveries”, Vice-Rector on International Relations, Associate Professor Jale Garibova -“Language behavior and attitudes in the context of Repertoire identity: The Case of Azerbaijan” and others participants with their presentations were introduced at the Conference.