Account Report of the Library Board of Azerbaijan University of Languages

18 april, 2019

The Library Board of the University is a collegial public organ created for easing the support and development of the library. It contributes to the support of the library.

Since its institution the Library Board (November 2017) has strengthened its work, done a lot to coordinate education and researches at the University. So that it has undertaken concrete steps for the purchase of scientific and teaching literature. It has informed the members of the Library Board on the purchase of scientific and teaching literature for the library fund of the University and on the fulfillment of the plan of purchases for 2018-2019. The information concerning the market of books and information, needs of the chairs have been summed up, approved by the administration and given to the Department of Finance for the purchase.

The Library Board held the presentation of the electronic information resources; it works in cooperation with all the bodies of the University.

At the regular sitting of the Library Board the report of Cəmilə Əliyeva, deputy director of the library, gave information on the performed work. It was said in the report that books in 12564 names, 21530 copies consisting of scientific and technical literature, text books and guides were bought within the last two years to enrich the library. Along with the increase of the circulation of books, appeal to the inter-library subscription experience, increase of the opportunities of making use of the reading hall, creation of the electronic library has also been speeded; a separate digital department has been created within the library. At present the staff of the University and students may use the digital library ruled by DSpace, the electronic catalogue library of the University created jointly with the American Centre free of charge. The DSpace collects, deposits, preserves and protects all the received services, open entry journals, articles, text books, working documents, novel services and others which form the intellectual capital of the University”.

The Library of the University, particularly creation of the digital archives of the University based on DSpace technology, plays the main role in the implementation of the Information Strategy of the University.

Through the Electronic Archives of the University the Library will provide the entry to the research resources, help the deposit of the current information, working jointly with the faculties support the academic researches for all aspiring for doctoral degrees and create foundations for the students to get information and research skills.

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The Board of the Library resolved to strengthen the propagation of the novelties in the Library, to inform the staff and the students of the University about the novelties regularly through the social networks, to organize the presentations of new books and teaching guides at the request of the faculties.

Then the Board of the Library discussed the development of the plan of events and its implementation connected with the 650 anniversary of Imadəddin Nəsimi, great Azerbaijani thinker, in conformity with the instruction of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev of 18.11.2018 on the declaration of 2019 “the Year of Nəsimi”.