Gratitude Letter of the Student to the Rector “He is always ready to listen and help”

28 december, 2018

            I am the citizen of the Russian Federation. I have come to Azerbaijan for high education and my choice was Azerbaijan University of Languages. I think that I am not mistaken in my choice. I have been studying assiduously in these four years and doing my best as an active student. I acquired very deep knowledge and irreplaceable experience. However, when I was on my fourth year I had financial difficulties and therefore I could not pay my tuition. I appealed to the rector Kamal Abdulla. He is not only an expert in his profession, but also a real man whose name can be written in capital letters. He received and listened to me sensitively and understandingly. Furthermore, he helped me to solve the problem. How great it is to know that there is such a kind-hearted man in the world. We have a good chance that the rector of our university is Kamal Abdulla. This term he increased the exam duration adding another hour to the previous two hours. Kamal Abdulla is always ready to listen to students and help them. He is participating actively in the events organized at the University.  He treats us a parent and behaves as if we are his children. As students of this University we are unable to imagine what a god chance we have. As far as this type of people live, our country – Azerbaijan will prosper and will be welcomed by a happy future.   Fourth year student – Farzaliyeva Fidan