There was held the presentation of the selected works of Hüseyn Cavid published in the Uzbek language.

21 december, 2018

On December 21, 2018, there was held the presentation of the selected works of Huseyn Cavid, distinguished Azerbaijani poet, published in the Uzbek language. The presentation ceremony in the form of a book, which has been published, was opened with an introductory speech of the rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages Academician Kamal Abdulla. He declared that the works of the distinguished Azerbaijani poet Hüseyn Cavid are propagated in Uzbekistan on the initiative of PHD in philology, head of “Kaspi” Education Centre, founder of the newspaper “Kaspi” Sona Vəliyeva and other intelligentsia of Azerbaijan. “This propagation has found its reflection in the form of a nice book. Our Uzbek guests have appealed to the world of Hüseyn Cavid in the form of a published book. Hüseyn Cavid is a holy man for the Azerbaijani people, he is not only a poet, but as a martyr, who lives in the heart of each Azerbaijani today, too. We also bow to the spirit of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev, because he returned the corpse of Hüseyn Cavid to Azerbaijan and the poet was buried in his native Naxçıvan. In general, it was an event not seen anywhere in the world before. Because of it we are in debt to the personality of Heydar Aliyev. When taking the corpse of Huseyn Cavid to Naxçıvan, the speech of Heydar Aliyev was his best appreciation both to the Azerbaijani culture and the art of Huseyn Cavid. Today Cavid lives in the hearts of his lovers, intelligentsia, lovers of literature, of each family, it is their moral debt, because this ill-fated man was taken away from his family, relatives, motherland. What can a lonely man do In Siberia? In those terrible days perhaps one could wish himself death. Cavid lives in our heats as a very emotional poet. This poet of beauty endowed by God, his desire and passion to be close to God subjected him to grave and punitive persecutions of the cruel supporters of socialism-realism and this great poet could not live on the earth and was deprived by God to live in the heaven, too. Bu is the poet Gavid is again in the heaven, in the skies, and today he again flies in the sky. And one of these flights we see in this finely printed book, which is presented here”. Rector Kamal Abdulla noted that the Uzbek specialists have expressed their sympathy to Huseyn Cavid in the example of this book. “I want to note that the activity of Sona Vəliyeva does not end with it. She is not tired of propagating Huseyn Cavid in other cultures, in other cultures. Perhaps, we shall witness and hear of the publications in other countries. We are very glad that the Uzbek readers will gladly read him and love him as their own poet, because, in fact, Huseyn Cavid was the poet of the entire Turkic world. He was wring in a language, which in those days was understood all the Turkic peoples. Cavid was a poet, who united all the Turkic peoples before the change of the borders. What did Javid want? He wanted the happiness and love of all the people. From this point of view, we are grateful to everybody for the appreciation of our unhappy, ill-fated poet”. PhD in Philology Sona Vəliyeva declared that in first presentation of the selected works of Huseyn Cavid in the Uzbek language was held at the University of Nizami in Uzbekistan. “I must also note that Samir Abbasov, director of the Centre of the Azerbaijani Culture in Uzbekistan, has set up a Translation Centre. He has great merits in the translation of the Azerbaijani literature in Uzbek language and of the coryphaei of the Uzbek literature into other languages. It means the restoration of our bridges of literature broken in the soviet period. We are peoples of the same spirit, blood, language and thinking, they tried to deprive us from this unity at different times. There have been people, who have taken the trouble to restore these relations, we are grateful to them for it. I express my special gratitude to Samir Abbasov for it. It is not the first appearance of Cavid in Uzbekistan. If I am not mistaken, one of the works of Cavid was played in Uzbekistan in 1921 and gained great popularity. Because of the Turkic ideology it was excluded from the repertoires of the theatres in Uzbekistan and here, too. Cavid penned “Iblis” (Satan) as the creator of wars, a classical and mythological image, and he criticized the satans. He was a pro-Turkic poet and became the martyr of his idea. Being his spiritual sons and daughters, it is our duty to propagate him among all the Turkic speaking peoples”. Sona Vəliyeva noted that since his first poems till the last ones all what he wrote was for Azerbaijan. Approximately at the age of 30 he wrote his behest for the Azerbaijani people. He mentioned everything concerning the life and behavior of a Turk, of science, religion, family, elders. He expresses his attitude to the family like this: “If the woman smiles or laughs, the mankind would will love and smile”. Girls have to be brought up in the manner that they may fight only in the sphere of knowledge and science, because the young girl of today is a mother tomorrow. He also shows it in his play “Mother” that how a Turkic mother has to be. He created a matchless image of a mother; we cannot find such an image in the whole world literature. Cavid approaches all the issues from a global point of view. In his works he touches upon the relations of man, god, society, citizen and state relations and in all them the main idea is the theory of human being. President Ilham Aliyev thinks that we must turn the dark gold (oil) capital into human capital.  How can we propagate Javid without reading his works? Only Javid shows how a perfect man should be. Sona Vəliyeva noted that a while ago a project called “Return to the homeland” was carried out. According to her words, within this project all facts and processes connected with the arrival of the corpse of Javid to Azerbaijan have been collected and reflected in the book titled “Return to the Motherland”. The great leader Heyder Aliyev knew whom he was taking back to Azerbaijan. By making this step he returned the Turkic ideology to the Turkic speaking countries. This is a very important issue and we must rely on them all the time. According to Heydar Aliyev we need Javid not only because the artistic power of his creative activity, but also for his philosophical, ideological power. By it Heyder Aliyev meant the Turkicism. That is why Heyder Aliyev returned Javid home and signed a decree on the celebration of 120 year anniversary of the birth of Javid. Later Ilham Aliyev issued decrees on the celebration of his 125,130 and 135 year anniversaries. All these are the steps taken for focusing the attention on the heritage of Javid, which it played in our statehood. Associate-member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Professor Kamran Aliyev declared that to speak about Javid means to speak about the history and of the present time. “Sometimes we say in general that great masters are incompatible with time and space. The artistic time of Javid is unending. Huseyn Cavid appeals to those themes and times, which are most important and characteristic in the history of mankind. Let us his “Seyavush” concerning Iran and Turan. It is true that Cavid does not confront them Javid like Firdausi, on the contrary, he wants to see in unison. The second greatest time is the time of prophets. The birth of Islam as a religion is connected with the name of Prophet.  Huseyn Cavid reflects that time in his “Prophet”. The third greatest time of mankind is expressed in his “Xəyyamm”. The new time was moving from the Orient towards the West and was writing its eternity with its own hand. “The new time is the time moving from the East to the West and writing its eternity with its own hand. All this found its reflection in his “Tamerlane”. Our anxiety has always its own time, one of them was bolshevism. Huseyn Cavid sealed it by his “Knyaz”. Cavid is a greatest master of these greatest times. Now everyone is aware how it is difficult to admit these times into the artistic thinking, because to write about each of these periods means to know all the subtleties of those periods.  That is why Huseyn Cavid brought these great times to the literature and by his magnificence he erected his own monument not only in the literature of Azerbaijan, but also in the world literature. Member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan, poet and translator Babaxan Şərifov informed that Huseyn Cavid was a person who loved his nation and sacrificed his life for it. “The main thing in life and in the world is justice; justice is to love one’s nation.  Huseyn Cavid was a man of that kind; therefore his works are loved by the Uzbek readers”. At the end of the ceremony members of writers union of Uzbekistan Babaxan Şərifov and Atxambek Alimbekov, poetesses Şəhla Qasımova and Xasiyyət Rüstəmova, as well as the head of Centre of Culture of Azerbaijan in Uzbekistan Samir Abbasov were awarded with the diplomas of the World Congress of the Turkic Peoples.