AUL held the presentation of the book “Turan Mubarizi"

29 december, 2016

On December 28, a presentation ceremony was held of the book “Turan Mubarizi” dealing with the heroism of National hero Mubariz Ibrahimov  written by  a member of the Writers and Journalists Association, President of the World Congress of Turkic peoples, writer, professor, Yahya Janiyar.

The event was attended by AUL Vice rector for Educational Affairs, Professor Aladdin Aliyev, MP Faraj Guliyev, chairman of the Association of Islamic countries, veteran journalist, writer and publicist, PhD Fazil Abbasov, authorized representative of the Public Union of Azerbaijani community in Russia Soixnusina Nina Ivanovna, an actress of  Young Spectators theater Khalida Sharifova, as well as teachers and students of the university.

First, AUL Vice rector for Educational Affairs, Professor Aladdin Aliyev noted that Mubariz Ibrahimov proved the heroism of Turkic people to the world. Professor A. Aliyev thanked Professor Yahya Janiyar for bringing such a heroic chronicles.

 Dean of the School of Education (English-German language), Professor Fikret Jahangirov said that M.Ibrahimov is the sample of heroism of our people, one of immortal heroes. He stressed that the book “Turan Mubarizi” strengthen patriotism

Professor Fikret Jahangirov made a presentation and provided detailed information about the book.

Then the MP Faraj Guliyev thanked the university administration for promoting the event, and said that “Turan Mubarizi” will prove patriotism of Azerbaijan people to the world. At the same time, he hoped films will be shooting based on the motif of the book, as well as the international community to learn more about the life of M.Ibrahimov.

Other speakers also shared their impressions about the book, congratulated the author.

People's artist Niyamaddin Musayev performed songs on patriotism. Then AUL students have demonstrated the performance reflecting M.Ibrahimov’s heroism.

During the event, documentary was demonstrated about the life of Professor Yahya Janiyar developed by AUL Channel of the university.

In conclusion, Professor Yahya Janiyar thanked the university administration for organizing the event. Heroes growing up in the spirit of patriotism as M.Ibrahimov, as well as the tragedies faced by our people in different historical periods play an important role in the publication of the book "Turan mubarizi", he said.