Student from Turkmenistan Hurma Burkazova: "I was advised deal with AUL"

26 april, 2017
There are citizens of different states among the students who study at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). One of them is a student from Turkmenistan with a desire to be a diplomat and searching for the university Hurma Burkazovar majoring in School of Regional studies and international relations of AUL  in the academic year 2016-2017. Before student years, she has visited our country for several times and after it she decided to get education here: "I wanted to be a diplomat. To this end, I began to examine the related university. I was advised deal with Azerbaijan University of Languages” . She faced certain difficulties at the beginning of the school year, could find a common language with teachers and students in classes and help each other in preparatory process still now. She has been to Azerbaijan approximately nine months, she spends most of her time on lessons, attends training sessions held in the university, goes out for a walk in the city. The only issue is causing problems is the language, but she doesn’t face any diffuculties in university in communicating with the people. Speaking about similarities and differences f educational system of both countries, H.Burzakova . "There is no specific identity or difference, but in my country specific forms is closely linked to national dress is worn to higher educational institutions” H.Burkazova said. She highly appreciated the bell set at the start and end of classes to be replaced with national music. Student was amazed with Azerbaijan, its nature, and cuisine. Along with Baku, she was in Gabala, Sheki, Shamakhi, Goychay regions. Dishes as pete, shah-plov, dolma, shekerbura of Azerbaijani cuisine were in full compliance with H.Burkazova’s  taste. She liked the offerings. Missing for her country, parents and friends our student wants to return to her homeland after graduation, and be helpful to the community by working as a diplomat. “Without peace our dreams will not come true" –says H.Burzakova and wishes everyone success, peace and tranquility.