"Different countries, different environments, different people ..."

28 april, 2017

AUL students are happy to undergo the experience in France and Romania

"Everything is fine. To practice in a foreign country is a very different feeling. Suddenly, you are communicating with language resources outside of your home country. I cannot say that it is difficult as I know the language, but I got in trouble a little bit faster to negotiate ".  Ayten Kamandarly , undergoing practice in France and Romania  within the  cooperation between Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) and Francophone  University Agency (FUA),  she said. A.Kamandarly believes she will adequately represent the university and our country in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Internship of Political Department of the Council of Europe Farida Musayeva agrees with experience in practicing. She said the experience was interesting: "Every day I am working on different conflicts. I do translations from French and English languages into Russian, and write reports. Though there are lots of political, legal texts, it does not trouble me ".

"Feelings we live now are every student's dream. Internship abroad is indeed a very different feeling. Although it was difficult for us in the first few days, we can feel the progress already in ourselves. It is great to be imagined, "Lala  Dadashova said.

Rena Rustamova undergoing internship in the city of Bordeaux, France noted that internship abroad is perfect.

Recall that in cooperation with the Azerbaijan University of Languages(AUL) and  Francophone University Agency, 7 students are taking part in the educational and work experience in France and Romania for the first time.