Icelandic expert delivered a lecture at AUL

13 march, 2017

On March 13, jointly organized by the Nordic Center and International department of the University director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies,  University of Iceland Thorir Harundal delivered a lecture on " Russians (the Vikings) in Arab sources " at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) .

Chief specialist of the Scandinavian Centre Vusala Afandieva welcomed the guests and thanked for their participation in the event.

Then Thorir Harundal said he was pleased to be at the University. He said he will deliver a lecture about his research.

T.Harundal spoke about the sources found on Arabic geography and history IX - X centuries in Eastern Europe part of Scandinavia. He said that some Arab sources refer to Russians as the Vikings. T.Harundal said that there is various information about the Vikings in Arab sources, as well as in non-Arab sources.

In the end, the participants' questions were answered.