“Pompey’s march to the Caucasus”

15 december, 2016

AUL held the presentation ceremony of the play translated into Italian language

On December 15, Azerbaijan University of Languages hosted the presentation ceremony of “Pompey’s march to the Caucasus” of People’s Poet, Honored Worker of Art Nariman Hasanzadeh.

Speaking with opening speech the acting rector of AUL, Professor Dunyamin Yunusov welcomed the guests who participated in the presentation ceremony of poet, dramatist Nariman Hasanzadeh and expressed his satisfaction to see them at the university.  He noted that he is loved for his humanist character and creative activity. Dunyamin Yunusov  provided general information about Nariman Hasanzadeh’s life and creativity, he is distinguished with his talent, skill, he added. Senior lecturer of the Department of Translation of French and Italian languages of AUL  who translated the play into Italian language Aydan Aliyeva  noted that it was encouraging    to translate  historical  dramatist’s work, at the same time acquaintance and partnership with  Nariman Hasanzadeh  during this process. Aydan Aliyeva stressed that from the first review  it was difficult for her to translate  as it was in the form of poetry but  after talking to Nariman Hasanzadeh this work concluded  successfully.  Besides she noted that in the framework of Azerbaijan-Italy partnership this play will be staged at the Italian theatres and will play cultural bridge between the two countries.

People’s poet, dramatist Nariman Hasanzadeh expressed his satisfaction of being in AUL, thanked the AUL leadership for hosting the presentation ceremony. He expressed his deep gratitude to Aydan Aliyeva who translated the book and noted that our country needs such people. Then, providing information about the work “Pompey’s march to the Caucasus”  Nariman Hasanzadeh brought to the attention that  Pompey was in the village where he lived and for this reason he  decided to write this play. People’s poet expressed his deep gratitude for who contributed in the translation and staging of this play.

People’s artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, well known theatre and movie actor Ramiz Novruz noted that AUL is native for him. Speaking about Nariman Hasanzadeh’s creativity, he stressed that our people are proud of such master. Ramiz Novruz said that he had performed in three plays staged by Nariman Hasanzadeh and it was encouraging for him. It is a kind of poetry of Nariman Hasanzadeh of live language, sincerity, and the artist's creative scene takes place great attention to the theater and every actor should be proud, he said.

Other participants noted that Nariman Hasanzadeh’s creativity expanded moral bound of Azerbaijan and wished him successes.