Thematic lesson on "Aziz Aliev as a statesman " at AUL

16 march, 2017

Associate professor of Department of Social sciences of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) Shalala  Baghirova  held a thematic lesson  on " Aziz Aliev as a statesman "  from  the course  Azerbaijan history. The lesson was attended by  101a and 101b group students of the School of  Education (English and German language) and Sh.Baghirova  spoke about  the outstanding statesman and scientist of Azerbaijan , Doctor of Medicine, Professor Aziz Aliev's political activities , his work  in the South Azerbaijan,   the rise of nationalist sentiments among Azerbaijanis , preserving of  mother tongue. Noting that  during the activity of Aziz Aliev probability of  uniting of South and North Azerbaijan was high, Sh.Baghirova  said that  Aziz Aliev had to return back together with his associates in the result of ugly politics of the Soviet Union in connection with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Iran. After returning back Aziz Aliev was appointed the chairman of the Regional Party Committee in Dagestan and spoke about the services of Aziz Aliev.

Students Aytac Ismailzadeh provided information about Aziz Aliev's life, Tarana Mammadzadeh about his doctor activity,  and Natiga Eyvazova  about  his work as a statesman and repression period.

Thematic lesson continued with answering of the students' questions.