AUL students go to practice

05 april, 2017
On April 5, a conference was held dedicated to the production practice of undergraduate students who have completed their education in 2016-2017 academic year of Schools of Translation, Philology and journalism, Regional Studies and international relations of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). AUL's practice, professional development and career center director Mammad Ismailov gave general information about the nature of production practice to enrich students' knowledge, it is important for the formation of future careers, he said. M.Ismailov noted that 126 students of the School of Translation, 29 heads,  114 students of the School of Philology and Journalism, 13 heads, 206 students of the School of Regional studies and International Relations, 47 heads will take part in the practice.  At the same time he made a presentation on the length of experience, organization, venue spaces, and duties of heads, the calculation of attendance and performance scores. Deans of schools congratulated the students who participated in the conference on the occasion of successful completion of their education. The production practice creates opportunity for students to make practical use of knowledge acquired at the university, they noted. The conference was concluded with recommendations and answering questions. Note that production practice will last for 8 weeks from 06.04.2017 till the date of 01.06.2017 of the 2016-2017 academic year .