7students of AUL do practical work in France and Romania

07 april, 2017


7 students majoring the Schools of Education (teaching) and Translation are taking part in the educational and production practices held for the first time in France and Romania in cooperation with the Francophone University Agency (FUA) and Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). 5 students of School of Education (teaching) - Rana Rustamova, Ayten Kemenderly, Ali Madadov, Lala Dadashova and Aziz Irada were able to do practice in Bordeaux and San Luz cities in the International French Language Teachers' Association, student of School of Translation Farida Musayeva in Political Department of Council of Europe in Strasbourg, and other student Khoshgadam Jalilova in Bucharest, International Romania Radio.

Note that, AUL is a joint member of FUA since May 21, 2015. According the partnership, AUL’s students, as well as teachers of the department of French language have attended the programs held with the support of FUA.