AUL held the meeting within the project “From student to ambassador"

16 december, 2016

On December 16, the first meeting of student of the School of Regional studies and International Relations Ramin Habibzadeh was held  within the project “From student to ambassador"  who was announced the winner of the eighth Grant of  the Youth Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).

First of all, the project manager Ramin Habibzadeh and expert Rashad Bayramov spoke about the activity and support and care to youth of the Youth Fund under the President provided information about the project “From student to ambassador".

Speaking about the above-mentioned project that will serve more than 200 students, along with students from other universities Ramin Habibzadeh called on the students to join the project. After, he introduced the first guest of the project who worked as Charge d'Affaires of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Iran, , head of the Department of International relations and international law  of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy and Law Hasan Alibeyli.

Welcoming the students Hasan Alibeyli expressed satisfaction of the meeting with students. He spoke about his student years, obstacles encountered on the way to diplomacy. He noted the importance of knowing the state’s history, culture wherever you activate by using the youth potential. Then speaking about the diplomacy history Hasan Alibayli noted that it is one of the ancient professions. He stressed that the ambassador who undertakes a responsible mission to represent his own country abroad should love his country, has the ability to be well-educated and well-spoken, deeply aware of the international relations.   At the end of his speech, Hasan Alibeyli highly appreciated the project “From student to ambassador" and wished success.

The meeting ended with the students' answers to questions.