AUL held the event on “Song and dance wreath of Altai peoples”

14 april, 2017

On April 14, the event on “Song and dance wreath of Altai peoples”  jointly prepared by Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), and  New Azerbaijan Party Nasimi district branch.

Nasimi district branch of the New Azerbaijan Party, MP Malahat Ibrahimgizi thanked everyone who attended the event, including representatives of foreign embassies and for their support. She spoke about the rapid globalization process and the friendship between the peoples of the Altai and stressed the importance of mutual cooperation, in particular, cultural ties of these nations.

Acting rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages, Professor  Afgan Abdullayev said that he was pleased to see the guests at the university. He noted that there are such people in the history of mankind, whose history of formation and development was very little studied. Unfortunately,  one of less learned people based on the historical subjective judgments are Turkic people having  ancient  statehood and culture  history: " Isolate Turkish people from each other, not showing their ancient state, and culture, prevent  ancient historical roots in new generation's perspective were one of the main trends of the Soviet national policy".

After the establishment of independent states there was a development in the study of history, A.Abdullayev said. He expressed his proud that our people’s culture and history were deeply studied after Azerbaijan gained its independence. President Ilham Aliyev has a very important role in the development of Azerbaijan culture, he noted.

After official part the Azerbaijani folk dance "Land of Fire Dance", the Korean folk dance "Arirang", Japanese folk dance "Sakura", Kyrgyz folk dance "Karo Jargo", Uzbek folk dance "Assalam Uzbekistan", Hungarian folk dance "Brahms "Kazakh folk dance"Kustar", Turkmen folk dance" Bracelet ", Japanese folk dance" Hana no Ran ", Turkish folk dance" Schack Schack hands "dances, and the Japanese folk song" Sukiyaki (Ueo Muite Arukou) " Korean folk song "Love light", a Mongolian folk song "Alsad suugaa eezh Minh", the Azerbaijani "Azerbaijan" songs were performed.