The chance won at AUL

09 february, 2017

Students continuing their education in Spain

  Third-year students of School of  Translation of Azerbaijan University of Languages –Azad  Khanalizadeh, Emin Samadli, Nigar Mammadova and fourth-year student Yusif Samadov  got the opportunity to study at the University of Murcia, Spain. We share with you the views of Azad  Khanalizadeh and  Emin Samadli. Emin Samadli: “Learning of this language will play an important role in the development of our individual qualities” Emin Samadli was born in Sumgayit  in 1996. After graduating his secondary education in EminSumgayit city, Lyceum of Technical and Nature Sciences he was admitted to Azerbaijan University of Languages of 596 point. 3 rd year student of the School of Translation of AUL, Emin Samadli studies Italian as a second language. Fond of innovation, as one who is education and career-oriented always trying to succeed, deepen the acquired knowledge and currently continues his studies at the University of Murcia, Spain. In addition, Emin learns Latin there. -As education in Spain was always in my interest I have participated in various trainings. This kind of participation in the Erasmus + program, and information allowed me to have detailed information about this program. Then I registered on the official site. I gathered the necessary documents in accordance with requirements. The results were announced at the end of the selection process and I was one of hundreds of students from the selected. After a while, I was informed of admitting to the University of Murcia, Spain. The first aim is to represent my country Azerbaijan in other countries as a translator and a diplomat, as well as fluently speak 6 languages until I am 25. As you know, Spanish is the official language of 21 countries in the world, spoken by 500 million people. Learning this language will help us in our career, but also play an important role in the development of personal qualities. For example, we can read works of famous writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Miguel Cervantes, Federico Garcia Lorca and others in the original. Azad Khanalizadeh: "Spanish has become a big factor in my life"   Azad Khanalizadeh was born in Baku in 1997, got his primary education at the secondary school No. 229 in Nizami district. He has been  language learning oriented in the early childhood, to achieve the purpose  Azad Khanalizadeh  decided to continue higher education at AUL. III year student of the School of translation  of AUL  on Spanish language specialty Azad Khanalizadeh  increased his knowledge  on translation theory  Azadfrom Spanish into Azerbaijan (or contrary), methods and standards. He enriches his  knowledge of the French language, along with  Spanish and English languages. Our student is the head of the project "Trace" held  the support of the Youth Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. -I was aware of this program. But scholarship training program on the basis of the paid in the Spanish language interested me more, as well as not having enough knowledge on the opportunities given to us by the Erasmus + program via the internet I review all  official  sites  connected  with  the program. As well as ,  coordinator for  foreign affairs  of the Department of International Relations Aysel Hamidzadeh  provided us about the existence  of such program. After getting information about the choice,  I   began to collect the necessary documents. First of all, we had to register on the official site, to include information about ourselves on a limited time frame. The results were announced a few months after the registration process. The list of selected students was published on the official website. Vast majority of my future plans are related to the Spanish language. I think I have the characteristics necessary to participate in the field of translation.  I am pleased to continue this area, to translate some books which have not been translated, and at the same time I would like to act as an interpreter on various topics. Moreover,  I would be a source of pride for me to play role  in strengthening the relations between the two countries. In general, the Spanish language has become a big factor in my life. The article on lexical composition of Spanish  was my first success. The result of the next two articles was better than I expected. I hope that the fourth article will be more successful and will be presented to a larger audience. As the education was in Spanish the important condition is posses this language.  The other document  that will be loaded  to the site in the electron form,  this program includes  the documents such as  why should we be selected and  motivation letter, CV,  and at least  B2 level  Spanish language  certificate,  the average score of each semester, and their accumulated points, the university certificate and so on.  Also, if needed, the interview was not considered through "Skype" .   Our interlocutresses recommended our students about the scholarship programs of foreign universities, to keep in touch with the international departments of the university, to look up and take advantage of the possibilities offered at the University, to study the views of their teachers, as well as their colleagues and take steps toward that goal. Note that Erasmus + is a new program which combines all existing projects in education, training, youth and sport of European Union. The Erasmus Mundus which is part of this program was established for the exchange students from Europe and other regions, and funded by the European Union. Various European universities are represented in each of these projects. The main objective of the program is to improve the quality of higher education in Europe and to ensure the development of dialogue and mutual understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with developing countries.