AUL held a roundtable on “Religious solidarity and Islam in specialty country”

10 february, 2017
On February 10, the department of Regional studies of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) hosted the roundtable on “Religious solidarity and Islam in specialty country”. The roundtable which was attended by  the employees  of the department of Social sciences, as well as other departments the chief of the department of Regional studies, associate professor Sevdagul Aliyeva   noted that  the constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan that is democratic, sovereign, secular is a guarantee  of freedom and  equality of representatives  of other  nations and religions. Noting that today religion plays an important role in the establishment of political, economic and cultural relations, S.Aliyeva said   regulation of interreligious relations are one of the  important  problems  of modern time. S.Aliyeva noted that the first step to establish this union is to achieve solidarity, mutual understanding among the representatives of each religion. The main goal of this idea  is to provide sectarian approach, on the decree of President Ilham Aliyev declaring of 2017  “The year of Islam Solidarity” in the republic of Azerbaijan  was appreciated  as the  most humanist  and peaceful initiative in this  field, S.Aliyeva said. Chief department of Regional studies   brought into the attention that  the department  teaches religion and confessions in the specialty country” as well as alternatively   “Religious tolerance  and interreligious relations  in the specialty country”  within the elective courses. Professor of the department of Regional studies  Ali Mammadov spoke about  religious solidarity   and Islam in Britain , associate professor  Bahman Aliyev in India,  senior lecturer  Badira Karimova  in Germany,  senior lecturer Shafa Abdurrahimova  in France, senior lecturer Nigar Asgarova  in Argentina, Sevinj Ismayilova  in USA, Elshen Majidov  in Caucasus, Vusala Afandiyeva in Norway,  Bayim Abdulla  in Israel, Ulviyya  Khalilova  in Indonesia, Mehpara Tajdehibonab in Japan, Fidan Alasgarova in China, Harun Sadigli in Arabian countries and noted that  Islam hail  people for  freedom and protection of human rights, to show mercy against innocent people  not for terrorism, oppression, slavery. Establishing friendly relations with Muslim countries  our republic  defends the interests of the Islamic world  in the framework of each international organizations.