AUL associate professor attended the international congress

16 february, 2017
Associate professor of the department of Second   Foreign language of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) Leila Hamidova represented Azerbaijan   at the congress  of women held in the South Caucasus in Tbilisi, Georgia, on “the struggle for women's safety and the transfer of the regional political environment”. L.Hamidova provided information on the economic, political, social, spiritual and psychological of Azerbaijani women in Russian and English. In her speech she talked about the activity of women in front, their activity in different directions and so on. issues. Note that the congress held by the Canadian Embassy in Georgia, totally 25 representatives from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Canada, the United States and Armenia attended the congress. There has been debate on the topic, lectures on the role of women in society, terrorism, in international relations were heard. Participants provided information on the process of starting up the work of women in the kitchen to their activity in state operations.  Azerbaijan was represented along with associate professor of our university, Leila Hamidova, as well as representatives of Western University, public organizations dealing with women's issues. At the end of the congress, the participants were awarded certificates.