The presentation ceremony was held at AUL

06 march, 2017

People's Poet Nariman Hasanzadeh’s  "Nabat khalanin choreyi" (Nabat aunt's bread) has been translated into English

On March 4, a presentation ceremony of the People's Poet, Honored Art Worker Nariman Hasanzadeh’s  "Nabat khalanin choreyi" (Nabat aunt's bread )that has been translated into English was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).

Acting rector of AUL, Professor Afgan Abdullayev briefed on the biography of the poet Nariman Hasanzadeh. A.Abdullayev spoke of the great poet's contributions to literature, the poetry of his soul, the spiritual lines that bring peace. N.Hasanzadeh’s creativity is loved by everyone, met with great interest, it is a striking example of the value of the powerful poetry of the poet, personality, he said. Translation of the work  "Nabat khalanin choreyi" (Nabat aunt's bread ) into English  is a significant event in terms of proper representation of Azerbaijani literature in the world, he said. He thanked everyone who contributed to this work, AUL is interested in the realization of this mission, he stressed. Expressing confidence the work will be very popular to the reader's scope A.Abdullayev wished success to N.Hasanzadeh in the literary.

AUL’s teacher and editor of the book Shahla Naghieva and translator Elnur Imanbeyli provided information about the content of the work and said that this work can be an example for the reader. The work is rich with national coloring and a special responsibility is added to the translation process to convey Azerbaijan culture to the English-speaking audience, they said. The staff of the book wished success to the poet and his poetry works to be planned translated, they said.

In the end, the book's author, poet N.Hasanzadeh shared his impressions. AUL is doing great things for the future of Azerbaijan, he said   and thanked the university administration for hosting the presentation and translation team.

Note that "Nabat khalanin choreyi" (Nabat aunt's bread )is the first large-scale autobiographical prose of poet. Here, a bride who had a hard life after the death of her husband with a year-old boy in her arms, the life and her spiritual world is presented in a lyrical-epic mood. The events are described in war period and further Azerbaijan environment, in the place where  Agstafa river flows into the Kura River, a small working-class town called Poylu.

Nabat aunt's son's high school days, great sacrifices of half-sister Sariyya, her brother love,  Ganja college years and love adventure of Giyam and Farah ... all of these are transported by the tongue of first, second and third persons to the reader with memorable vital boards.