A Roundtable on "Protection of the purity of the Azerbaijani language" was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL)

12 january, 2018
On January 11, a roundtable on "Protection of the purity of the Azerbaijani language" was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(AUL) with the combined organization of the Department of Azerbaijani Linguistics and the Azerbaijan Studies Research Laboratory (RL). Opening  the event with his speech, Professor Adil Babayev, head of the Department of Azerbaijani Linguistics said that the greatness of any people depends not on the number of  population, but on the international authority, activities, and  propagating  values. He added in this respect the Azerbaijanis are a great nation. "Language is the only factor of the nation's existence," said A.Babayev, noting that the round table was devoted to the preservation of the purity of the language and therefore  has  political, moral, social and teaching importance. According to Prof. A.Babayev, after the Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev came to power, he paid special attention  to the protection of our mothertongue. Speaking about the Decrees and Orders serving to meet the contemporary language requirements signed by the Great Leader, Prof. A.Babayev said that this tradition was reflected in the policy of the President Ilham Aliyev. Head of the Monitoring Department of the Institute of Linguistics of ANAS, Associate Professor Sevinj Aliyeva highlighted the relevance of the issue and noted that the issue was resolved at the level of the republican leadership. Characterizing the language as an ethnocultural  sign of the nation, its history and culture, S. Aliyeva said that strange elements of the language were included in the globalization period, and stressed the necessity of protecting the internal purity, independence and nationality of our mother tongue. Later, S. Aliyeva spoke about the factors of language protection, the process of language enrichment, the violation of the norms of the literary language by the Mass Media, etc. Elchin Ibrahimov, a scientific worker at RL in Azerbaijan, spoke on the language policy and language commitments of the state in protecting the purity of the Azerbaijani literary language, associate professor  of the Department of Azerbaijani Linguistics  Yegana Hajiyeva, teacher of this Department Aynur Safarli stressed the necessity of correct teaching of literary language standards to pupils and students in educational institutions,and mentioned  the language policy to be one of the government's priorities. Director of the Institute of Linguistics of ANAS, Academician Mohsun Naghisoylu described the language as the greatest asset of the people and said that protecting it  is a moral duty of every citizen. Noting that love for mother tongue begins with cradles, the Academician highlighted parents'  important role in it. M.Naghisoylu later advised to preserve the purity of his native language and adhere to the literary language standards. He suggested  realizing joint projects  for AUL and the Institute of Linguistics, as well as compiling  dictionaries, phrase books, and textbooks for foreigners. At the end of the event , Rector of AUL, Full Member of the ANAS, Honored Scientist Kamal Abdulla characterized the protection of the language as a condition of its development. According to him, precise criteria must be found in many aspects of language protection. Protection of the language is related to the study of its grammar, as well as the transfer of laws and rules to the new generation, also the expansion of its research context. In this sense, there is a great need for linguists to meet representatives of different fields of higher education. Rector emphasized that reading literature is important in protecting the purity of the language. "Any change means development," said Acad.K.Abdulla, adding that the essence of the development of language should be understood correctly. At the end of his speech, Rector advised the department to organize joint events, emphasizing the necessity of regular holding of such events. The roundtable ended with discussions.