The Center of Azerbaijani Culture was Established in Indonesia

25 january, 2018
For the first time, the Center of  Azerbaijani Culture was established in the Indonesian University of Indonesia on the initiative of Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(AUL), Honored Scientist, Academician Kamal Abdulla. The Center will be supplied with all the necessary  material and technical equipment  and teaching aids by  AUL. According to Professor Habib Zarbaliyev, Head of the Department of Scientific Researches and Publications at AUL, who was on an official visit to  Indonesia on January 13-22, the Center of Azerbaijani Culture was initially provided  with the  portraits of the Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev, President Ilham Aliyev, prominent Azerbaijani writers and poets, state attributes, such as  our flag and National Emblem,  books and paintings depicting much on  our state language, country, as well as Azerbaijani multiculturalism in themselves. The Center is located in the building of the University's fundamental library. The University of Indonesia provided the Center of Azerbaijani Culture with a big hall for holding events and meetings related to Azerbaijan. During his visit, Prof.H. Zarbaliyev met with Vice-Rector of the University of Indonesia, Professor Bambang Vibavarta and the Director of the Library, Fuad Ghani. According to him, the Center is intended to be headed by an AUL teacher, as well as the subject "Azerbaijani multiculturalism" is considered to be taught  there from  the next academic year.  Having met the Azerbaijani students in Bandung, Indonesia, who were  in practical term, Professor H. Zarbaliyev said the cooperation between the Center of Azerbaijani Culture and the Indonesian Research Center at AUL will contribute to the development of highly qualified personnel and strengthening relations. During the visit, a Memorandum of cooperation between AUL and the University of Indonesia was agreed to be signed. This Memorandum will include cooperation between the two universities, student-teacher exchange programs, and joint scientific research works. Professor H.Zarbaliyev met Rector of Pajajaran University in Bandung, Indonesia, Professor Tri Hangono Ahmad and the administrative staff of this University. A memorandum of cooperation between AUL and Pajajaran University was confirmed. Within the framework of cooperation, the University of Pajajaran proposed to hold the Days of Azerbaijani Culture here, as well. During his visit, H.Zarbaliyev also met Rector of the Sunan Calicag State University of Islam in Bandung, Indonesia Professor H.Musa Ashari and other senior officials. Some opinions on this University’s interest in cooperation with AUL were also mentioned at the meeting. Professor of AUL H. Zarbaliyev delivered a lecture on Azerbaijani culture and multiculturalism according to the University’s invitation.