Parents Observed the Exam Process at Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(AUL)

24 january, 2018
On January 24, a group of students’ parents studying at Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(AUL) observed the exam process of the autumn session 2017-2018 in all three academic buildings of  University. Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of AUL, Prof. Afgan Abdullayev gave parents full information about the examination process and they got acquainted with University. After having observed the exam process, the parents met with Rector of AUL, Full Member of the ANAS, Honored Scientist Kamal Abdulla. Rector highly appreciated the parents' involvement in the examination process. Mentioning the doors of the University to be always open to everyone, Acad. K.Abdulla said the parents could attend the University not only during the exam sessions, but also any time they want. During the meeting, Rector expressed his hope that the parents’ cooperation with AUL would set new goals and targets for University. K.Abdulla also spoke about the projects implemented at AUL and their essence and contribution to the students. He thanked the parents for the cooperation with University. The parents observing the examination process expressed their satisfaction with the organization of the exam process. They emphasized that objectivity and transparency in the examination process were fully ensured. It was noted that the timeliness of exam results allows the students to be psychologically ready for the next exam. This, in turn, ensures the continuation of their successes. The meeting ended with discussions. It should be noted that the examination session will last until February 5, 2018 and in the correspondent department until February 8, 2018. The examination session was organized in accordance with the existing normative documents. Participation of the student organizations in the examination and provision of the rooms with the necessary material until the beginning of the exam, as well as  to provide appropriate explanatory work by subject teachers and examiners during the session and  to facilitate the session to be held objectively and were based on the international experience. Additionally, in order to ensure the exam session of the autumn semester of the 2017-2018 academic year to be carried out in accordance with the relevant guidelines and regulations, to immediately investigate negative cases that may arise during the examination session and take appropriate measures, as well as hold the session in accordance with transparent, the Operative Headquarter is functioning there. At the same time, the followings were announced as “Hot line”: telephone numbers 441-58-63, 440-64-82, 564-06-51 and e-mail [email protected].