Language Services and Training Department

Language Services and Training Department

The main goals and objectives of the Center:

Taking steps to integrate AUL into the global educational space, expanding the knowledge and skills of the teaching staff and university students, working together with other structural components of the university in order to further strengthen their language knowledge and speech skills, contribute to the creation of an information society accessible to all on the basis of cooperation with state, non-governmental and international organizations.

Effective use of the scientific and educational potential of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, the organization of international certification programs on the basis of agreements with the relevant educational organizations to provide language courses on a contractual basis (including preparation for obtaining international certificates) to provide existing educational and language services at a high professional level, training and other services, for the provision of language services, in particular, to help young people integrate into the world culture through electronic sources of information, opens economic courses for teaching knowledge in the field of ICT, offers tutoring services, creates groups to prepare for the passing of tests conducted by international organizations, which determine the level of knowledge of foreign languages, establishes partnerships with international organizations in carrying out these test works.

Organizes various events related to the study of world culture for schoolchildren and students of higher educational institutions.

Organizes international certification exams and other online tests.


The main activities of the Center for Language Learning and Translation Services:


Preparation for admission to the magistracy
Preparation for public service
Foreign language training: English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, etc.
Translation services: scientific articles and voluminous works
Language courses in foreign countries (Austria, Germany, Great Britain, USA, etc.)
Education in foreign countries: USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Spain, etc.
Various trainings for teachers: academic writing and reading, TKT, Pre-CELTA, CISELT, etc.
Teaching Russian and English for schoolchildren
Preparation for international certification exams






Language Services and Training Department

Shirinli Nermin

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