Public Relations Department

Public relations department consists of press service, website and creativity units.

Head of the department is Zeynalli Javid  Ashur oglu.

Phone: (+99412) 441 22 72

E-mail: [email protected]

Website Unit

Website unit’s main functions are to ensure coverage of the scientific and pedagogical events of the University at the official page of AUL and in social networks; to involve talented students to the cooperation; to organize interviews with the University graduates, teachers and heads of relevant structures.

Phone: (+994 12) 441 22 72; (+994 12) 441 22 78/79 (internal: 219)

E-mail: [email protected]

Press service

On February 4, 2009, the decision to create public relations and press service department at AUL was adopted.

Press Service focuses on cooperation with media, press-releases preparing, raising public awareness of the University's extensive activities and their outcomes; enhancing the University image and positive reputation; providing up-to-date highlighting of the events of both local and international significance, such as conferences, taken place at the University; coverage of the meetings with the Ambassadors and with the managers of Baku affiliates of international organizations.

University Press Secretary-Jafarov Aga Isa oglu.

Phone: (+994 12) 440 29 31; (+994 12) 441 22 78/79 (internal: 217)

E-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Creative Unit

Creative unit is aimed at the cultivating of cultural intelligence among the students; revealing the most talented young people and helping them to develop their skills; taking active part in musical and dance groups creation; preparing students for the participation in various concerts and festivals of the Republic.

Phone: (+994 12) 441 22 78/79 (internal: 116)

“Polyglot” newspaper

Being published from December 2000, “Polyglot” newspaper represents the University official press organ. In October 2009 “Polyglot” newspaper was the first to join Press Council of Azerbaijan.

Consisting of 12 pages “Polyglot” is published monthly. Its primary functions include publishing articles on AUL students’ and teachers’ activities, verses and short stories, scientific studies and translations, analytical articles and reviews; as well as highlighting the University achievements both here and abroad, and announcing and covering  AUL events and Administration’ s meetings.

And moreover, one of its key objectives is to involve the future journalists into the practical activity.

Phone: (+994 12) 440 29 31; (+994 12) 441 22 78/79 (internal: 217)

E-mail: [email protected]