The Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department of Azerbaijan University of Languages is an independent structural subdivision. The main objective of the Personnel Department is to carry out organizational work related to human resources at the university. Department of Human Resources is under direct subordination of the Rector of University.

Personnel department is guided by the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, decrees of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Labour code, orders and normative acts of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic, the law "On education", the charter of university and regulations of department.

Personnel Department carries out the following functions: preparation of orders for the faculty and administrative staff (including - employment, dismissal from employment, name change, changes in the Labour Code, holidays, business trips, commendations, reprimands, re-election and extension of contracts, etc.),  teachers retirement benefits processing, storage of employment records, registration of sick leave, registration of certificates and ID cards, conclusion of work contracts, preparation and archiving of documents, organization of work for labour discipline and its strengthening, control of employee attendance tables,  etc);

Organizing staffing work with the heads of structural units, periodically preparing new proposals on improving internal management and development prospects of the university and staffing of structural units;

Study of qualification level, business, and also moral qualities, personal and other features of workers for the purpose of their appointment on a post, preparation of reserve personnel;

Study of personnel changes related issues, development of provisions for their delegation to the enities;

Participation in the competitive selection of pedagogical staff;

Participation in the certification of university employees. Preparation of a list of specialists and attestation documents to be subject to further re-attestation. Development of an action plan for the implementation of proposals submitted by the attestation commissions;

Participation in the forecasts development (training, improvement, analysis, professional development, internship) together with the structural units of the University;

Participation in the attestation of university staff. Drawing up the list of specialists subject to regular or repeated attestation and attestation documents.

Development of an action plan to implement the proposals submitted by the attestation commissions;

Organization of control over the compliance of the employees to the work regime together with the heads of structural subdivisions and trade union committee;

Organization of record keeping in order to control the working time of the employees;

Preparation, coordination, submission to the Rector of the draft orders on personnel issues, as well as other information and control over the execution of the orders;

Analysis of labour discipline issues and making proposals for their further improvement;

Organizing control over compliance with labour legislation, as well as orders and instructions, and internal regulations;

Preparing and submitting reports and other information of informational nature in due time;

Work closely with University departments and, in exceptional cases, with external organisations in solving personnel issues;

Work on electronic contracts;

To request from the relevant divisions of the University the materials relevant to the implementation of the work within the competence of the HR Department;

To represent the interests of the university in personnel matters in relevant organizations by the order of the rector;

To give instructions on staffing issues and demand their implementation;

To receive information from department heads;

According to the legislation, to submit for the rector consideration the proposals on preparation of the orders drafts related to employment, transfer on other work, dismissal, encouragement, disciplinary responsibility, personnel and other issues;

To give the appropriate instructions and methodological recommendations.

Head of HR Department

Agamusa Safiyev

Tel: (+99412) 440-15-22

E-mail: [email protected]