The Department of Science

The Department of Science is a structural unit established by the decision of the meeting of the Rector's Council of the Azerbaijan University of Languages dated 07.06.2019 (protocol No. 66) and the order of the Rector of the University No. 73 dated 27.06.2019.

The department carries out its activities in connection with the faculties, departments, scientific research laboratories, centers and other structural units of the University. In the performance of its functions, the department is guided by the laws regulating the activities of higher education institutions, normative-legal acts approved by state administration bodies, the charter of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, the decisions of the Academic Council, the rector's orders and orders, as well as the department's charter.

The department carries out the planning and execution of scientific researches and scientific-methodical works of the University's teaching staff and implementation of the results to the teaching process as well, organization of scientific conferences and symposia, the preparation of materials for publication, establishes scientific relations with educational and science centers of higher education institutions of the Republic and foreign universities.

The department carries out the following tasks:

To organize and supervise the execution of scientific researches and scientific-methodical works in departments and scientific research laboratories and its implementation in practice;

To expertise of the organized scientific researches and scientific-methodological works;

To study the reports of departments and Scientific research laboratories on the execution of scientific researches and scientific-methodical works and prepare final reports;

To collect the plans of scientific researches and scientific-methodical works of the department and Scientific research laboratories for each next year and organize their expertise, to develop a plan for university scientific research and submit it to the Scientific Council for approval;

To participate in the planning of scientific research and scientific-methodical works and discussion of finished works in departments and scientific research laboratories;

To organize scientific, scientific-methodological seminars and reports for doctoral students, dissertation students and master students; to participate in the discussion of dissertations and scientific works in departments;

To prepare an annual report on the conclusion of the scientific and scientific-methodical works performed at the university;

To organize methodical consultation hours for the members of TEC on conducting scientific research works;

to prepare and organize various scientific events, cooperation programs, projects within the framework of the agreements signed by the university with other universities;

To initiate international and internal scientific conferences, to prepare the necessary documents for the organization of such events;

To organize various scientific events: international and internal conferences, presentations, seminars, round tables, trainings;

To collect articles and theses submitted to scientific conferences and organizing their expertise, drawing up programs of conferences, informing participants;

To cooperate with international publications and prepare joint projects in this direction;

To ensure the participation of university employees in international and internal conferences, symposia, seminars, discussions, presentations.

Head of the Department of Science , Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogics

Imanova Sevda Rafig 

Address: Baku, Rashid Behbudov str., 134,

The Main Building (AUL), Room 302

Tel: (+99412) 441-22-78 (extension: 257) / (+994 077) 757-97-00

Email: [email protected]