Academic Reading and Writing Centre

Academic Reading and Writing Centre was established in 2003. The Centre has been transferred to the Chair of Innovations in Teaching and Additional Training (the present Chair of Innovations in Teaching) since 2009. It was incorporated into the International Section since 2013. In connection with the structural changes in the Office of the Vice-Rector for International Relations in 30 July 2017, it has been removed from the structure of the International Section and continued its activities within the Chair of Innovations in Teaching again. Since 2010 the Centre has been functioning under the guidance of Doctor of Philosophy, Senior Teacher Sevil Elchin gyzy Gurbanova.

The activities of the Centre cover the following areas:

Each year it holds various training courses.


Academic Writing and Reading – (AWR) is a two-level course for teachers. It inculcates the correct rules of writing paragraphs, essays as well as knowledge on different functional writing patterns, motivation letters, CV or CV attachments.
English for Specific Purposes – (ESP)  This program aims at improving teachers’ skills in English and their academic teaching methods. The course instills the ability to facilitate the participants in the acquisition of language and capacity necessary to work in the frames of higher education and knowledge on the academic requirements and expertise of universities.
The Methodology of Teaching English at Secondary Schools – CISELT  It inculcates profound knowledge and practice on basic innovative approaches in correct and effective teaching of English, the guidelines and methods in the formation and development of 4 language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as the elements necessary to take into account for the effective organization of class – motivation, assessment, observation and student activities etc.
The Use of Information Communication Technology in Teaching – ICT in ELT  It is training about the correct and effective application of information communication technologies in language teaching.
Teaching Knowledge and Skills Test (TKT)   The aim of this course is to develop the quality of teaching English by applying modern methodology at universities. At the end of the course the participants receive the certificate of Cambridge University.
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)   This is a course presenting effective teaching methods of curriculum disciplines through the target language (Mathematics, Geography, History, Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, Art, etc.).
Basics of General Education Curriculum    It describes the classification of methods in teaching (methods and techniques), the organizational principles of pedagogical process in the general education system, the features and psychological mechanisms of active learning, the structure of active class, the motivation stage of class, and ways of its formation. Besides, the requirements from the present-day teacher, the realization rules of a teacher’s position as a guide, facilitation, teacher-tutor, teacher-mentor and other approaches reflecting the present-day teacher’s behavior, including the strategy of scaffolding are brought to the focus of attention.

The Centre also organizes an essay competition on various topics among students annually, the best essays are evaluated and the students are awarded with certificates. In addition, the Centre helps in writing the documents required for the students’ education abroad: a motivation letter, recommendation letter, applications correctly and at academic level.

Senior Specialist of the Centre

Gurbanova Sevil Elchin gyzy