AUL held a seminar for academic staff

  On April 27, a seminar on “Learning outcomes, syllabus design and assessment” was organized at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). The seminar was conducted...

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History of University

Teaching  of foreign languages at the higher educational establishments in Azerbaijan began in 20s of last century, independent department of foreign languages was established at API (Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute) first in 1936/37. As there was lack of national teachers teaching  foreign languages, Azerbaijan People’s Commissars  Soviet came to a decision about “organizing of the school of foreign languages at Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute”  on October 9, 1937. 175 students were admitted to the school in 1937/38. 59 students on English language,92 students on German language, 24 students were admitted on French language. 46 of them to the Azerbaijan section, 129 to the Russian section. Only 95 students from that admission got diplomas in 1941. After the beginning of Second World War, necessity for the teachers of foreign languages rose, on the basis of decision reached by Azerbaijan SSR PCS about “education of German, French and English languages at higher institutions and secondary schools of Azerbaijan SSR” in October of 1940, the school of foreign languages of API  Read More…

Promo of University