The event on «Climate Change - the Most Global Challenge of Our Time» was held at AUL

12 june, 2024

With the participation of the Council of Elders of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, the Council of Elders of the Nasimi District and YAP Nasimi District organization, an event was held on the theme COP29 «Climate change - the most global problem of our time». Opening the event with an introductory speech Chairman of the Council of Elders of the Azerbaijan Language University Aladdin Aliyev, stressed that holding such an international event as COP29 in Azerbaijan is both a success and a prestige in sociо-political life of our country.

Rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, academician Kamal Abdulla welcomed the participants of the event and talked about the importance of holding the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) in Azerbaijan.

It was noted that the choice of Azerbaijan by unanimous decision to hold the COP29, as one of the most prestigious events in the fight against climate change, is of great importance for our republic. Maintaining the necessary balance between the economy, society and the environment in the context of the global environmental crisis also depends on our attitude towards the environment. Green thinking is an important prerequisite for the transition to a green economy. To protect nature, we must all unite for this action.

The Chairman of the Nasimi District Council of Elders, Professor Vagif Shadlinski, reported that the global environmental problems of the modern world - climate change, water depletion, air pollution and others are  pressing issues, that requires a global solution.

Climate change and its impact on the world are of increasing concern to the world community.

Greenhouse gas emissions increase results in global warming. Each year, the conference brings together governments from around the world to call for joint efforts to prevent and address the effects of climate change.

Dean of the Education-2 Faculty, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Elders of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, Associate Professor Salman Nuriyev said that the COP29 in Azerbaijan is first of all recognition of the UN fulfillment of commitments made by Azerbaijan in the climate. Azerbaijan was determined to join the ranks of the leading countries in the field of renewable energy and uses its rich potential for that purpose. 

Clean environment is one of the national tasks of the Azerbaijani State. Addressing the event, Head of the Department of Fundamentals of Civil Defense and Medical Knowledge, Associate Professor Sevda Zamanova, Director of the Library and Information Service Center Jamilya Aliyeva, Education-2 Faculty 3rd grade student Jalya Mammadli, talked of important events, conducted in Azerbaijan towards solving environmental problems. It was noted that the holding of the COP29 in Azerbaijan will attract the attention of the whole world to our republic and will further increase the authority of our country in the international arena.