Vice- President of the Republic of Cuba was a guest of AUL

27 february, 2023

On February 27 the Vice-President of the Republic of Cuba, Salvador Antonio Valdes Mesa and a delegation representing the government of Cuba were the guests of the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).

AUL Rector, Academician Kamal Abdulla, welcomed the participants of the event and expressed his pleasure to see the guests at the university. It was noted that sending a delegation of two medical teams from the Republic of Cuba to Azerbaijan during the pandemic is the brightest example of friendship and brotherly relations between the two countries: "I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Minister of Health of Cuba and the Ambassador of Cuba to Azerbaijan. Mr. Ambassador has visited our university many times. Cuba is the country of our youth, the motherland of our youth. This is a native land of nation that gained freedom before our eyes. We are very glad that Cuba is always with Azerbaijan. President Ilham Aliyev promotes strengthening of friendly relations with Cuba. Studying Spanish language, culture and history of Cuba in our university is extremely honorable for us. We are also very pleased to contribute to our political relations as educators. We would very much like to establish a friendship with a university in Cuba. We believe we can accomplish this with your support. We have many students and teachers studying and teaching Spanish. I welcome you again, our university will always remember you."

El Salvador Antonio Valdes Mesa, Vice President of Cuba, expressed his gratitude to the university administration and staff for their sincere words and warm welcome. He noted there are close relations of friendship and cooperation between Cuba and Azerbaijan. These relations are developing in all areas. There is special progress in the development of relations in field of education and science: "Today Azerbaijan is presiding over a prestigious summit. "The Non-Aligned Movement brings together influential countries of the world. Cooperation with such a prestigious educational institution as Azerbaijan University of Languages is important for us. I have a good impression of the university, I would like to express confidence that cooperation between Azerbaijan and Cuba will continue to develop upwards. Our countries are united by historical ties that lead us to a bright future. With the voice of youth and knowledge of students the future can be brighter and brighter. That's why I want to tell young people that you can represent your people with your knowledge and education and lift them to greater heights."

José Miranda, Cuba's Minister of Health, expressed his pleasure at attending  AUL and spoke about the importance of the meeting. It was noted, that Cuba is one of the leading countries in the world in the number of health workers. As for cooperation with Azerbaijan, a number of important steps are being taken in this direction: "Today AUL has favorable opportunities for cooperation with Cuban universities. For our medical workers knowledge of a foreign language is very important. From this point of view we can sign important cooperation documents with the Azerbaijan University of Languages. Even during the pandemic we once again witnessed the tradition of solidarity and friendship between the two countries. We are happy to share our accumulated experience with Azerbaijan and do our best to achieve the development of our future relations.

After the speeches, students addressed questions to the guests and sang a song in Spanish.

After the meeting Vice-President of Cuba Salvador Antonio Valdes Mesa wrote his warm wishes in the AUL memorial book and took a picture with the students.