The book "Onomastics of Truth": exposing fake Armenian toponyms

26 december, 2022

According to President Ilham Aliyev's speech at the opening ceremony of the Terter Olympic Sports Complex on June 3, 2020, the absolute majority of place names on the territory of the current Republic of Armenia are of Azerbaijani origin, and the recommendations the President gave to scientists and specialists of Azerbaijan to study and promote this topic, while organizing the Baku International Multicultural Centre, involving historians, scientists, experienced specialists in the field of historical toponymy, linguistics and cartography

Speaking at the presentation ceremony academician Kamal Abdulla, rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, welcomed the participants of the event and informed them of the idea of creation and preparation of the book. It was noted that this book is a serious step in exposing the truth about Azerbaijan. It was noted falsification of history is an inadmissible political act in the world history.

K. Abdulla said, that the book 'Onomastics of truth' is very significant and important strategic collection. It reflects our history, language, religion and origins. All these facts are shown not only in toponyms, but also on maps. In fact, most of you are familiar with a copy of this book presented in Azerbaijani language, and now this book is also published in English language, which will increase the distribution range of the book and enable even more readers to read it. The book stands out for its uniqueness in many areas. The book "Onomastics of Truth" is a vivid example of an important research work from the educational, scientific and political points of view.

Then, executive director of the Baku International Center for Multiculturalism (BICM), Ravan Hasanov, director of the Presidential Library of the Office of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mahil Ahmedov, authors of the book, doctor of philosophy Nazim Mustafa, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor Ibrahim Bayramov, MP Hikmet Babaoglu, Rector of Azerbaijan Theology Institute Agil Shirinov and others, spoke about the importance of the book, its role in exposing and preventing falsification of toponyms belonging to our nation in the territory of Armenia. It was emphasized that the book is a reflection of the last 200 years of the existence of present-day Armenia. This book is an important contribution in approaching our strategic goals. The book "Onomastics of Truth" is significantly different from other books and will be a useful tool for scholars and researchers. At the end of the event, questions from the participants were answered.

The book is dedicated to the facts of changing and falsification of historical and geographic names on the territory of the current Republic of Armenia. The book "Onomastics of Truth" is the result of hard scientific work and is one of the most evident examples of Armenian vandalism and forgery - mass change and falsification of around 1600 toponyms, hydronyms, oronim to erase the traces of Azerbaijanis living for centuries in historical lands of Azerbaijan, in the territory of present Republic of Armenia, is dedicated to the fact that many settlements were intentionally erased from the earth. The book, which is intended for specialists and wide readership, contains the history and explanation of toponyms of 737 settlements, 499 abolished villages and settlements, 704 renamed administrative units, 231 oronim, 116 hydronim, 137 meadows and winter meadows, which are the native lands of Azerbaijanis in Armenia. In the territory of Armenia, research work in the direction of determination of toponyms is continued.

In the near future the book is planned to be published in Russian.

It must be noted that author of the idea of the book "Onomastics of truth" is academician Kamal Abdulla, chairman of Board of Trustees of BICM, authors are doctor of philological sciences, professor Ibrahim Bayramov and doctor of philosophical sciences on history Nazim Mustafa. The editorial board includes executive director of BICM Ravan Hasanov, director of Presidential Library of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic Mahil Ahmadov, deputy minister of ecology and natural resources of Azerbaijan Republic Firdovsi Aliyev, chairman of Geography of Azerbaijan Republic.