AUL Confucius Institute took part in the International Forum

29 october, 2019

Azerbaijan Language University (AUL) Confucius Institute delegation participated in the International Forum of Confucius Institutes of Central Asia and Southern Caucasus countries, held in Dushanbe (Tajikistan). The forum was organized with the joint support of the Chinese Ministry of Education State Secretariat for Chinese language spreading and Tajikistan National University.

The Forum was attended by Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan and other Confucius Institutes Chiefs along with the representatives of Tajikistan President's Executive Office, Tajikistan Ministry of Education, Chinese Embassy in Tajikistan and the Parliament members.

This year's forum focused on Confucius Institutes’ management improving and the Chinese language integration into the educational system of Forum countries. Breakout sessions moderator, AUL Confucius Institute Director Rafig Abbasov noted that much attention was paid to the issues of upgrading the quality of Chinese language teaching in the higher and secondary educational schools and of the thematic cultural events organization. In his speech Rafig Abbasov highly appreciated Azerbaijani- Chinese cooperation humanitarian sphere enhancing during the past years.

That was made possible by Azerbaijan’s active support of «One Zone – One Way» Chinese project, aimed at creation of transport and economic corridors in Eurasia; humanitarian exchange and political and cultural dialogue promotion between Silk Road countries. R. Abbasov reminded of the historic visit of Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev to China on February 2015. On that date Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev and Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a Memorandum of Understanding for promotion of the “Silk Road economic belt” project, which has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation fostering between the two countries.

Describing the successful development of Chinese Studies at AUL, R. Abbasov spoke of the scientific, educational, social and public information activities of AUL Confucius Institute, specializing in the study of the global «One Zone – One Way» Chinese project implementation , focusing at the revival of historic Silk Road. Forum participants were presented with the book entitled “Ilham Aliyev – a contemporary successor of the ancient people’s friendship”, dedicated to President Ilham Aliyev’s extensive activities on Azerbaijani-Chinese friendly relations strengthening, which had been published by AUL in both countries’ languages.