Azerbaijani Parliamentarian Şəmsəddin Hacıyev Met the Teachers and Students of Azerbaijan University of Languages in the Village of Cocuq Mərcanlı

03 april, 2019

The school practice of a group of students of Azerbaijan University of Languages headed by Anar Rəhimov, teacher of the Chair of İnnovations in Teaching, continue their pedagogical practice successfully in the village of Cocuq Mərcanlı of Cəbrail District. Member of the Azerbaijani parliament, chairman of New Azerbaijani Party of the District of Yasamal of Baku Şəmsəddin Hacıyev, who was on a visit to the pre-frontier region, and a group of school principals visited the school of Cocuq Mərcanlı and got interested in the activity  of the teaching staff and students of Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Anar Rəhimov, who headed the school practice, gave information to the Azerbaijani Parliamentarian Şəmsəddin Hacıyev about the project, which was the first in the education space and the idea of which belonged to academician Kamal Abdulla, rector of the University. He also conveyed information about the process of the school practice, activities of the students and on the measures aimed at improving the quality of education. He noted that it is already two months that four students are successfully having their school practice in the school close to the front line. He said that the term of the school practice there was a month, but it was prolonged for another month at the request of the teaching staff of the school and with the consent of rector Kamal Abdulla. Şəmsəddin Hacıyev and other men of science and education, who were in the group, stressed the importance of the performed work and said that such a project of education was very useful and exemplary in such sensitive region of the republic.  Şəmsəddin Hacıyev stressed that the Azerbaijani government may render necessary support for the sustainability and success of the project.