Decisions Made by "Caliph of One-Day” in Azerbaijan University of Languages were Approved and Adopted

21 december, 2018

An extraordinary and extended Board of Azerbaijan University of Languages was held. The decisions adopted by “Caliph of One-Day” were discussed and approved.

Academician Kamal Abdulla, rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages, spoke about the essence of the project and expressed his gratitude to everyone: “The successful completion of the project is a sign of the fact that the relations among the teachers and students are improving on a rising line and is a striking example of high level of social activeness of students. Azerbaijan University of Languages plays an important role along with the families in the growth of students as a real citizen. We do our best for reaching this goal. The "Caliph of One-Day" project is also one of such important steps taken in this direction”.

Then Salman Quliyev, one day caliph-rector, reported and announced the adopted decisions. He noted that any duty is not as easy as it seems from afar. Its difficulty and responsibility is understood when you begin to fulfill it.

At the end of the meeting all decisions of the one day caliph were discussed and adopted.