A Dictation Contest of the Chinese Hieroglyphs in Azerbaijan University of Languages

20 december, 2018

          In Confucius Institute functioning in Azerbaijan University of Languages a dictation contest of Chinese hieroglyphs was held among the students of Azerbaijan University of Languages, who study at the faculty of the Chinese Studies. The main objective of the contest was to motivate the students for learning the Chinese language and the correct spelling of hieroglyphs. The dictation contest was organized as in China: The contesters should write the hieroglyphs of the words as uttered by the teachers of the Confucius Institute in their mother tongue within a minute.

          As it was noted by Rafig Abbasov, director of the Confucius Institute, the general dictionary dictation used for writing the rare and complex hieroglyphs is very popular in China.  The Chinese Calligrapher Courses functioning in Azerbaijan University of Languages has made it easy for the students to participate successfully in the contest.

          During the lessons in these courses the main theoretical and practical competence in the Chinese calligraphy art, which is considered the symbol of Chinese art are taught.