Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway delivered a lecture to AUL students

02 december, 2016
On December 2, on the initiative of the Nordic Center Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Norway to Azerbaijan Bard Ivar Svendsen delivered a lecture on the topic "Norwegian language and literature" to Scandinavian studies students  of the school of the Regional studies and International Relations at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). In her speech, the chief specialist of the Scandinavian Center Vusala Afandiyeva welcomed the audience. She brought to the attention of the students that Bard Ivar Svendsen will deliver a lecture on an interesting topic. Welcoming the students the ambassador expressed his pleasure to see them. He provided information about the Norwegian language one of the Scandinavian languages and noted that spoken and written languages differ from each other. Mr. Bard Ivar Svendsen said that Danish language used in the standard written language in Norway from XVI till XIX century. Noting that from time to time Scandinavian language was divided into eastern and western Scandinavian languages and one of the first beginners  for to the influence of one of the first to come out the influence was Ivar Aasen, he added. Ambassador noted that Ivar Aasen visiting different places in Norway started learning the dialect. Providing information about Norwegian literature Bard Ivar Svendsen spoke about the history and development of literature. He noted that XIV and XIX centuries were the dark years of Norwegian literature and the beginning of a new era in literature in the nineteenth century struggle for independence, he added. The ambassador spoke about the Norwegian writers and poets and about their contributions to the literature of Norway. The event ended with answering the students' questions. Note that, the event was attended by the dean of the School of Regional studies and International Relations, Professor Anar Nagiyev.