AUL  held a roundtable  on "Azerbaijan and US multicultural models: a comparative analysis "

24 december, 2016

On December 23, a roundtable was held on "Azerbaijan and US multicultural models: a comparative analysis " at American center of Information Resource Center (IRC) at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).  The roundtable was held by the joint organization of AUL's Information Resource Center (IRC) and the Baku International Centre for Multiculturalism (BICM) and the director of the complex Shahla Khudiyeva spoke about the history of IRC, strategies, objectives and strategy, complex structure, and their cooperation business. She noted that the complex holds a series of events related to multiculturalism, saying the studies and research work in this direction will be useful electronic database available in the complex, she said.

Head of the University's Department of General Linguistics, Director the Baku International Centre for Multiculturalism (BICM), Professor Azad Mammadov spoke about the university's contribution to the development of multiculturalism, university teachers, professionals involved in the teaching of foreign countries in this field, he said. Providing information about formation process of the center and its objective, A.Mamamdov spoke about the center's activities such as the promotion of multiculturalism, researches, as well as the presentation of the books in foreign countries, seminars, training and meetings. Speaking about the formation models of multiculturalism, A.Mamamdov spoke about the promotion of Azerbaijan in this field compared to other countries. The representatives and centers activate in the countries where Azerbaijan multiculturalism promote .A.Mamamdov wished success to the participants.

AUL's vice rector for Educational Affairs, Professor Aladdin Aliyev said that the development of multiculturalism is the pressing issue in our country. University administration and faculty are useful and active in promotion of multicultural values said Professor A.Aliyev and highly appreciated events held in this field.

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, the United States' Fulbright program expert Melda Yildiz spoke on “multicultural aspects of education in the United States ".  speaking about the  stages of the multicultural, multicultural models in America  Meldayildiz  shared her thoughts  experience gained in this field. After providing information about authors and their books about multiculturalism, concluded   her speech with the desire to live in peace.

Professor  of the University's Department of General Linguistics, lecturer at the Gadjah Mada University of Indonesia,  on "Azerbaijan  multiculturalism" Habib Zarbaliev provided information on  "Azerbaijan multiculturalism" subject teaching in foreign universities ", professor of  Baku State University, doctor of sociological sciences Rafael Hasanov on " Early settlements in America:multicultural approach ".

Head of BICM's analytics sector Rashad Ilyasov spoke on  " literary and philosophical sources of Azerbaijan multiculturalism", Head of Projects Sarxanbay Khuduyev "Multiculturalism policy in practice", senior research fellow of the National Academy of Sciences Elsever Samedov "The philosophy of co-existence: fromk self isolation to  harmony ".

Round-table ended discussions.