An event dedicated to the scientific creativity of the Department of Linguoculturology

10 march, 2017
On March 10, on the initiative of the Department of Linguoculturology and  senior lecturer Ilaha Alieva an event dedicated to  the scientific activity of the Department was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). Head of Department, Professor Masmakhanim Gazieva noted that the main objective of the event is to inform the students with  the employees’ books and school supplies. Noting that the language is the main component, M.Gazieva spoke about mutual relations between language and culture. She noted the importance of knowledge of language to represent the culture and the materials demonstrated in the event is a reliable source of language mastering, she added.

Detailed information was provided about the history of the Department of Linguoculturology with professional staff, activities, organization of educational process, subject programs, electives, and their purpose, the employees and their books. It was also stressed that the department carries out important measures to improve the scientific potential and development of educated personnel, to catch lofty name of AUL.

University professors and students attended the event, and the participants highly appreciated the activity of the Department and said it would be an example to other departments. The materials demonstrated in the event is intended to students, as well as people who want to be engaged in scientific activity, highlighting the importance of such an event the participants expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the department.