IELTS training at the Department of Linguoculturology of AUL

13 march, 2017

The teaching staff of the Department of Linguoculturology of Azerbaijan University of Languages has started the international language course. Chief of the department, Professor Masmakhanim Gazieva organized IELTS trainings. The work was entrusted to the professional teacher of the department Dinara Mukhtarova.

Each day starting on February 7, 2017 with the participation of the teaching staff will organize international language course at the department. The techniques of IELTS ( "International English Language Testing System") are discussed and views are exchanged.

As we know, (IELTS) , an international language checking system consists of four (4) units. Reading (Reading), Writing (writing), Listening (listening) and speaking (spoken) levels are included to the checking systems. Taking into the consideration of all these, senior lecturer  Dinara Mukhtarova acquaints teachers  with each unit strategies and techniques prepared by the presentations and comments on their opinions and suggestions.