AUL student responses to the Armenian professor

30 march, 2017

Fatima Shiraliyeva: "My goal was not to put anyone unemployed and hostile to anyone, but the unsuitable attitude of a teacher resulted in his receiving the appropriate sentence"

The student of the School of Education (English and French) of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), Fatima Shiraliyeva was an active student both in classes, as well as in public life of the university during 2012-2016. She got information about the student exchange program while studying at the University. Being eligible to participate in the program in order to study abroad, to improve education F.Shiraliyeva continued her education at the University of Lodz in Poland in 2014-2015 academic years. But she faced with the unpleasant event in Poland. Thus, the Armenian professor at the University of Lodz Krakovyan acting in a position of hostility deliberately cut off F.Shiraliyeva because of she is the Azerbaijani citizen and appealed to the topic Nagorno Karabakh. It is unacceptable commenting on the establishment of the hostile relations between teachers and students F.Shiraliyeva noted and said that she did not expect this approach from professor: "In fact, Krakovyan was not our course teacher. As our teacher was on leave he was charged to conduct classes. From the moment he knew that I was an Azerbaijani he demonstrated aggressiveness towards me and distinguished me from others, had a hostile attitude towards me. Even Krakovyan rebutted me for putting my phone on the table, and grabbed me by the enemy's position, told me that you Azerbaijanis love ambition so much that you show your phone. Of course, I did not leave his words unanswered. After seeing all this, I told my mother about it. My mother even with parental ill advised to return back to abandon my studies. But I knew that by requiring right I will succeed. I first participated in the Olympic Games. We have always had good attitude to Armenian representatives participating in sporting events in our country. In my turn I was waiting the same attitude from the teacher, but I've seen the opposite. As participating in the classes I felt his aggressive response against me. Seeing this attitude I changed the topic chosen for the exam and substituted  it to the Nagorno Karabakh issue. Turkish students welcomed me while speaking about Nagorno-Karabakh. He cut my word and said that he will inform me about my mark. As the results were not satisfied I  applied to the university's dean. Dean's office informed that that teacher has not had injustice in any activity for 15 years. I was not satisfied with it, and I have applied the university rector and other organizations. They listened to me that I was right and my grade was added to my exam results. In addition, the management of higher education institution removed the teacher from the university. My goal was not to put anyone unemployed and hostile to anyone, but the unsuitable attitude of a teacher resulted in his receiving the appropriate sentence ".

If we look at the history we can be witnessed to Armenians nasty attitude against Azerbaijanis. The representatives of this nation do not refrain from provocative actions. The incident between Armenian student and F.Shiraliyeva can be vivid example of it. The flags of different countries were placed in the registration section of dormitory. F. Shiraliyeva saw that the Armenian student placed the flags of Armenia and Azerbaijan side by side. Protesting in this regard, Armenian student said he wanted to make her nervous.

F.Shiraliyeva held a lot of events along with the Azerbaijani Diaspora in Poland. Taking part in the parade dedicated to the Khojaly genocide F.Shiraliyeva stressed that it is gratifying for her to have a little bit role in helping to bring the truth about Azerbaijan to the world.